Do the Refs Ever Tire Of CAlling Penalties

Watching tonights BC-Toronto game.

You wonder if the refs realize that they are totally destroying the game by calling a penalty after practically every play?

Its been a sloppy game to begin with, and the refereeing has just added to misery.

Seems after a few good weeks the refs have started throwing the flags again.

I've turned the game off. Its almost unwatchable. Not the type of CFL entertainment we're used to. And I blame the refs for making it even worse.

What was that old broadcaster's name... Ted Reynolds? I laughed when he said they were calling too many penalties. :lol:

Yeah let them play peanalties this year are killing the entertainment

if the assinine players cant play by the rules, thats what you get. Refs are supposed “play” by the rules and throw the flags when they are justified. Its the players you should be pissed off at. If they cant play within the rules, they should go back to stocking shelves.

Have to agree with you. Everyone hates to see penalties all the time( especially the ones against their own team) . But how many times do we hear fans complaining about non-calls they thought their own team got jobbed on?

I also agree.
If they call the penalties the fans say let them play.

If the refs let them play they whine about non-calls :roll:

You know.
I would rather see a non-call then a call every play?

Because what is happening is big plays are being wiped out by cheap calls. Like the Argos first play of the game that went for big yards, but was called back. If that one play stood and the ARgos scored, who knows how the game might have gone?

They say you can call a penalty every play in football. But the refs should use their heads and keep the &^&%* out of the game.

I mean somebody should tell them not to call a penalty on every play. And only call flagrant fouls. Not anything that happens.

YOu wonder why you don't see many penalties in the GRey Cup? Because the refs are told not to call alot of penalties.
That should appy to the regular season as well.

Because enough is enough, or it'll be enough of the CFL this year for me.

I agree with you there but you know as well as I do there will be fans whining no matter what they do.

If there is a penalty on the play, I expect the ref to throw his flag. Do not blame the refs for players' mistakes.

god people. referees need to call penalties.

there's little you can do if a penalty is warranted.

Well if you're cheering for one of the teams I guess you enjoy the penalties.

But for people who just watch to be entertained, a flag every play followed by the refs huddling to figure out what the penalty is for is just bad TV.

And I mean has there been one kickoff return that hasn't been flagged this year?
Why not just call a penalty before the kick and put the ball at the 20 yard line?

I was cheering for the Argos. Yes flags screwed us over. But they were deserved.

Is they were deserved then they didnt screw you over did they?

It's the job of the refs to keep the game fair. If they throw a flag, it's because someone did something they shouldn't be doing. If they just let it go and "let them play" then they're allowing them to cheat.

You don't want holding calls, don't hold. You don't want offside calls, stay onside. You don't want roughing calls, control yourself. You don't want objectionable conduct penalties, grow up.

I hate when people say "if it weren't for this penalty, they would have scored a touchdown." What they're really saying is, "if we had been allowed to cheat, we would have scored more points." Illegal blocks call back kick returns because, if not for the block, the return wouldn't have existed. Holding calls back pass receptions because, if not for the hold, the QB may have been sacked.

Sometimes the infraction has nothing to do with the play, and that can be annoying; but it isn't the fault of the officials, it is the fault of the player who committed the foul.

Well said Bigdave.

and cops should let petty criminals go, and only arrest serious ones, and not too many in any one day.

Bottom line here is the fans want the refs to let them play when it comes to penalties against their team, and stop missing calls when it comes to the other teams.

sort, have compassion for all thieves, except those who steal from me??? :twisted:

Funny thing, sitting in the crowd, our seatmate beside us and our group "called" most of the penalties before the ref announced them. Whether they were against the Lion's or Argo's, most of them were pretty obvious.

Hey I know! Lets bring in Vince McMahon to run the league! He'll ensure that EVERY game is over-the-top entertaining! If anybody can get rid of all those stupid penalties he can!