Do the players get the Covid-19 government wage subsidy

I would think if they are displaced by the Covid virus they would be eligible. Anyone know?

this virus takes away everything! Football fans are gonna go crazy.. But can you imagine what it would be like if, with the virus still floating in the air, the stadium would still be open. How many tests would've been needed! And these tests that take a lot of money and time.. it would be terrible. By the way, I've found an instant antigen test that costs not that much. I've had fever for some days and needed to check myself fast! And this test was fast, and as I can say true.

I believe the Govt is talking about some type of Covid pay since they all pay canadian taxes
what i read was 441 players to revce $840 per week for July to December
all in by my calculations is that it will cost the Govt about $9 million

instead of "lending" the league $30 million interest free??

Under the Canada Emergency Wage Subsidy program, employers can receive 75% -as per mid-July's changes, it could go up to 85%- to a maximum of $847.00 a week; for the present calculations, I work with the 75% and a maximum contribution of $847.00 a week, per employee, by the Federal.

The 75% or max. of $847.00 a week is based on a gross weekly salary of $1,129.00 a week; the revised program runs up to December19,2020.

From what we did read, CFL players will be paid -amount unknown- from July 2020 to December 19,2020 i.e. 24 weeks. 441 players would be eligible.

If the players are to receive $840.00 a week ,as per noback, the Federal will reimburse 75% or $630.00 per 441 eligible players during 24 weeks for FEDERAL COSTS OF:$6,667,920.00 and not about $9 millions. The nets costs to CFL teams would be $2,222,640.00 or an average of $246,960.00 per team.

I doubt that the players will receive only $840.00 a weekly i.e. $20,160.00 for 24 weeks.

I do think that the players will not receive less than $1,129.00 a week.i.e. $27,096.00 for 24 weeks; teams would receive $847.00 a week from the Federal. The total costs to the Federal would be $8,964,648.00 and the net costs to the CFL teams would be $2,984,688.00 or $331,632.00 per team.

If players paid $1,129.00 a week rather than $840,00 they would receive $3,058,776.00 more during these 24 weeks i.e. $6,936.00 more per player. The nets costs per team would increase by only $84,672.00.

As I wrote before under another topic, I am anxious to know how much the CFL players will receive per week.


Since Monday, August 24,2020, and until Monday, August 31,2020 CFL players can opt-out of their contracts.

As of today,August 28,2020, 46 CFL players have opt-out of their contracts; the numbers of players, per team, are:

Saskatchewan : 13
Winnipeg : 10
Calgary : 5
Toronto : 5
Ottawa : 4
Edmonton : 3
Hamilton : 3
BC : 2
Montreal : 1


Notice the exodus is lead by the two community based teams.

Anything to read into this?