Do the Esks regret the Masoli trade?

esks must regret the Masoli Lawrence have to be careful trading your back up can come back to bite you in the butt

Wonder if the same will happen to us with Manziel?

For sure. The post Masoli trade is something the team reflected upon during their 2015 Grey Cup championship. Lay off the cider.

That’s the Grey Cup Masoli would have won when we should have beat Ottawa. I already gave him credit for that. :slight_smile:

he’s becoming self aware…

someone start up the anti-skynet protocols

The backup QB is the player who comes in when the starting QB is pulled from the game. aka second string. Masoli was never that in EDM.

The title of the thread is kind of misleading. It appears as though a trade just happened recently or possibly could be abouta trade proposal and NOT about what happened 6 years ago. That’s ancient history by now. Most CFL teams have turned their roster over twice since then.

Let’s see

Quarterback Jeremiah Masoli, linebacker Simoni Lawrence and offensive lineman Greg Wojt for two young Canadians, Carson Rockhill and Nathan Kanya.

Kanya and Rockhillnever started a game in Edmonton, and neither were with the club after the 2013 season

I’d say that is a regrettable trade on their part.

Now if you are trying to ask if we think Masoli is a better QB than Reilly, not by a long shot.

Best thing that ever happened for both Masoli and Reilly. No way Jeremiah would ever have replaced Reilly, never.

And don’t forget Zack!

Great trade by Cats!

All players who aren't starters are backups

Hard to forget 0-8!

0 and 12

ZC 3-1 in games he's started and finished.

Hamilton Tiger Cats - 4-5.

It must be nothing short of a miracle that such a lousy QB could win 3 games in 4 tries after such a bad run.

They said last night, that was Zac’s first road win in 1078 days! :o

Yaah Seamack3. The TEAM really sucked during those first 8 games under Austin. I agree with you!

Thatz 1 down for this year and another 5 to go!

Best trade PERIOD that this team has made in the last 10 or so years.
BUT, as mentioned earlier EE does not miss Masoli in the least. He would be a backup only. Would Lawrence be a part of their team? Maybe, maybe not. Big salary and not quite the difference maker he has been in the past.
Interested in others opinion on Simoni.

Shouldn’t be surprised if this is Lawrence’s last contract here. Diminishing returns.