Do the Cats only practice 3 times a week?

I was just looking at the practice schedule and it only lists practices from Mon-Wed each week. Are those just the days its open to the public?

If they in fact only practice 3 times a week then the play on the field reflects this. Its insane though! 3 practices??? Come on!!!

Look at how long a week is. If they play on a saturday, they either get a day off, or a light day to recover their bodies, and get lactic acid out of their muscles on sunday. They practice monday, tuesday, wednesday. Have a light day on thursday before the game so they aren't exhausted for the game, and then friday is gameday. How many times do you want them to practice in a week? Every team practices almost the exact same amount due to regulations from the players association.

my bantam house league football team practices 3 times a week and most weeks we have 2 games, lol.

That's basically it. I believe the CBA states that the team can not hold a practice the day before a game, and the Ti-Cats play on a friday. Therefore, no practice on Thursday.

You also can't have one the day AFTER a game, and they played on Saturday, therefore Monday through Wednesday. This time.

No there is 20 Min Walk Threw Tomorow
Then They Talk Press and Go Home.
CRFadmin is Right the only Practice 3 day Weeks due to CBA

they are allow so many hours with the players

Isnt it obvious ?

Those 3 practices are 4 1/2 hrs of meetings and on field practice,
as per the CFL's agreement with the Player's Association.

It is no wonder newly acquired players
aren't put into games for several weeks.

In three weeks there are only 9 practices

They have to learn to physically
execute a new set of plays

and learn to react to what
the man opposite them does

and instantly change course
to counteract what he does.

In the case of a QB, he has to learn
the roles of all the players on Offence

and instinctively react to what he sees
his receiver and the d-backs doing.

A tough challenge when breakdowns occur
so often on the O-line and with receivers.