do the cats claws fan club still do face painting

hey just wondering if anybody knows if they do i know they did it back in other years i remeber taking my nephew he had cancer and he said to the lady painting paint the top of my head in black paint my face in yellow and the go cats go!!! on my cheeks. he was such an inspiration and a reason why i became a fan and he will be there in spirit cheering along come sunday with a famous GO CATS GO and a litlle ARGOS SUCK!

if they do still do it i will be down as soon as the gates open if not im going to buy my paint tonite someone please let me know

as far as i know they will be face painting sunday at the balsam gate and at the beechwood gate they're usually there from the the time the gates open and until 15 minutes before kickoff

Great its something i havent did since those days and i think Sunday would be a fitting day to do it

Yes, the Cats Claws Fan Club does still do the face painting at all Ticat home games. One station is just inside the Balsam Ave gates and there is another located on the Beechwood side as well. They will be "open for business" approximately one hour before kickoff.

The face painting is available for FREE, but good-will donations are accepted.

Stop by, get your war paint on then go cheer the team on to victory!!

i will do