Do The Bombers Have An Advantage With Quick Start?

I would be interested to know what people think of this.

The Bombers have their pre-season games out of the way, while the other 8 teams have one more PS week to go.

The Bombers will now use the week to formulate game plans, plays, coaches working with players to get the regular season started and yada yada .

Will the quick start give the BB's an advantage to start the season ?

Yes and no IMO
In one sense they have 2 games to evaluate footage and an extra week to prep for the first week. They should have the bulk of their decisions made already so can start giving number 1 reps more frequently already.
On the flip side they perhaps didn’t get to see a lot out of certain players in such a short period and didn’t get to get them to where they wanted heading into games, so that footage might not be optimized and some of the newer players will need to be evaluated more on camp action than game film alone.

Vet and players already over the bubble wise it is a big perk moving into the season in prep. New players…not so much. Depends how you look at it I guess

By the looks of the Bombers last night they need another couple of weeks of pre-season............ :oops: :oops:
The first half with Willy and mostly the first team going up against Ottawa's starters was a disaster.

Looks like OTT is way better with Burris and WPG is way better without Willie. This could be a problem.

Kirk Penton
Drew Willy admitted he wanted the offence to be better. Mike O'Shea says he has "no concern" about #Bombers offence.

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I think the big disadvantage is that OTT must now play their 2nd preseason game in HAM on Friday!
This is a recipe for injuries, such a short turn around

Mon. - Game
Tues. - cut down day and rest + maintenance day
Wed. - practice
Thur. - hop on the Via Rail to the Hammer(6.5hrs) then walk thru @ THF
Fri. - Game

I think it's worse, for the reasons you listed. In effect, they lost a few more days of being able to look at guys in training camp before deciding who they wanted to see get game reps.

The offense wasn’t good for us, for sure. But the early pre season games hamper how much time you have to install the offense. With a whole new offense coming in with Lapo and only 2 receivers returning from last year plus a new RB and 2-3 changes on the Oline, we’re behind. The two early games and having less than a week between games really cut into the practice time. Considering that most of the practices early in camp are 2 a days, we’ve probably lost the equivalent of 6 practices due to game days, post game off days, and pregame walkthroughs. I think an early schedule benefits are more veteran team in terms of being prepared to play sooner, harder if there is a transition on offense. You go more of a vanilla offense in that scenario. It may give us more of an advantage earlier in the regular season, given we haven’t had a chance to install much of the offense so teams will have less to prepare with early.

Some great points here ^^^^^^

The only real advantage is that they'll have longer to rest any and all dinged up players. Especially potential starters.

...That is a very valid point...We have a lot of talent in the tub' right now...Injuries to key newcomers are hampering us..(Dressler nic'd for one)...These first 2 preseason tilts were a lot about separating the wheat from the chaff and practice 'jelling' time has been affected...I would say that we have given nothing away offensively for sure...Vanilla as all get out and now we have time to implement certain plays and tune up for game one...Hopefully some of our walking wounded are back for the opener and yes the early preseason exit is an advantage to give our guys who are hurt some time to heal..With the preseason out of the way we can now prepare in earnest with our 'keepers'... :thup:

Advantage Zero!!! But They can have more time to scoop up cuts.. WHICH equals Zero

Sounds exactly like Ottawa last year at this time. But they were in worst shape, they had to play their two games before the cut down date too. They had all kinds of changes at the "O" line, four new receivers, RB, kickers etc but they "jelled" pretty fast despite all the changes and the pre-season schedule. They went on to win 12 games and on to the Grey Cup.
So I don't buy the Bombers excuse about having a lack of prep, lack of practice and time to jell.

J'abonde dans le même sens, d'autant plus que, disputant leur première partie contre l'équipe qu'ils affrontent au tout début de la saison, ils n'ont pas eu beaucoup à se mettre sous la dent pour préparer cette première partie. Leur première unité offensive a eu de la difficulté contre la deuxième unité défensive des Alouettes (9 des 12 partants n'ont pas fait le voyage à Winnipeg) et les correctifs qu'ils voudront apporter ne leur seront pas de grand secours contre la formation partante.

L'avantage cependant est d'avoir pu voir un petit échantillon de la première unité offensive des Alouettes et ils pourront s'ajuster pour leur prochaine confrontation. Cela dit, cela a aussi laissé aux Alouettes plus de temps pour travailler les faiblesses à corriger.

Je crois que la 2ième partie est arrivée un peu trop tôt pour Winnipeg. Ils auront plus de temps pour s'ajuster mais ils auraient peut-être gagné à pouvoir faire plus de travail entre leurs parties préparatoires. L'évaluation de leur personnel et les réajustements nécessaires auraient alors été plus contemporains pour l'ouverture de la saison. Avec ce délai, ils sont retombés en mode camp d'entraînement et ils pourraient perdre un peu le tempo des parties avant le premier match régulier.