Do the Blue Bombers really have a healthy two-headed monster quarterback system

Chris Streveler was limping noticeably at times throughout the semi-final game against Calgary. Its great to get the win. However, I hope he (CS) is not jeopardizing his leg or foot, because he definitely has special talents that should be protected by team management. He is a young professional sports player worth preserving for the future regardless of where he ends up signing next season. I speculate that CS has an unconfirmed leg injury and should not be playing. And Zach Collaros numbers don’t give a lot of confidence without CS. So do we really have a healthy two-headed monster quarterback system right now? If not, could this be the main factor why the Grey Cup drought continues?

Speaking as a Ticat fan, Streveler is a tough hombre who basically sacrifices his body every game for the good of the team. But this weekly beating will shorten his career. I’d be shocked if he lasted another two seasons in pro ball before injuries do him in. Hope I’m wrong, because I love to watch him run over linebackers.

You’re right, we shouldn’t play him incase he signs somewhere else next year :o

No, we don’t have a healthy two-headed monster QB system. We have one who some think should be in a wheelchair and the other is concussion prone.

Truth as I know. Strev has a broken bone in his foot. The foot has the most bones in the human body and some are small. Yes broken foot bones can hurt but a good old shot of tooth pulling freezing and you are good to go. I really doubt he is jeopardizing his career.

Now Zach has been banged up in the past but he has taken two good wallops in the game before last and seems to be OK.

I’m no doctor.
Ask the Stampeders what they think of our system.

2 minutes left. Up by 21 and MOS keeps Strevler in ? Brilliant !!

You got it Dan. They just have to get through two games. There is a good chance neither is on this team next year or both. Right now I don’t care. End the drought.
As far as Steveler damaging the rest of his career : If his foot has broken bones I don’t think it makes it worse or does permanent damage. Adrenalin can carry you past the pain. I once fought 2 fights in a tournament after breaking bones in my foot . It’s the way he plays the game. If he held back he wouldn’t be effective. Playing the game with reckless abandon IS Chris Streveler. But it won’t lead to a long career.

We have the best two headed monster in the leauge. I would suggest the only team with a two headed monster. We beat the only other team with with a better backup last week. This is not the reason for the drought. VERY few teams use a 2 QB system. We lost one cup to a broken arm and a hungover runningback. We lost another to over confidence. We lost several seasons to not having a decent QB at all. We lost several seasons to Mack. I will trust the multiple Doctors who will have told and advised Streveler about his foot. I suspect if the stories are right he has fractured a bone(s) in his foot and it’s mostly a matter of battling pain.

Hmmmm. Are you two fellows here only because the Blue Bombers forum is down? If so, what prevented you from joining this more broad based forum up till now?


I agree with 223 though.
I was not happy to see him in there & running when the game was already decided.
Doesn’t matter now though because nothing happened…but if we’re up by 15+ with under 2 mins I’d hope McGuire comes in.

I am new to this forum, but I have been a long time observer of this forum. It looks to be interesting right now for us Bomber fans and I am viewing and listening to the games and analysis from the United States. I have been having issues with the forum recently because its down of course and its not easy to navigate to on smartphone. But, the forum is …

Now c’mon Aulcee, you gotta tell me what kind of fights you were fighting… .If you want to be discreet, PM me… I will not tell a soul.

Taekwondo, I fought till I was 49.I won my last tournament with the broken foot and figured that would be a good time to retire. I’m still involved and am a head instructor now.

This is Catfan (from the other BB closed Forum) disguised as GOTC1. I hope you guys win on Sunday
so we can play you in the Grey Cup.
Your Two-headed monster QB against our Two-headed monster running back/receiver(Banks and Addison).

See you in the CUP.


I felt there was more than just you being a good poster and fan that made me like you. THUMBS UP !

Have you heard anything about why it’s closed? Denial-of-service attack? Ransomware? Vladimir Poutine’s or Revenue Canada’s machinations?


I wish I knew. Its a downer. Hope they bring it back. It could be that they are falling in line with the
other teams forums. Where one password will access all the teams in the CFL.

Chow Catfan

Doesn’t every team have their own forum on their team website like the Bombers do ? I can’t find any. Maybe it’s just me but I have looked repeatedly. Anyone know ?

No, every team does not.

…The forum went quietly dead and it’s a mystery…Moadmin said at one time they were headed for some serious ‘updates’…IF this is why they are on a 401, then it’s particularly bad timing to expedite major change…Left a lot of posters in the lurch…especially when the team is in the final… ::slight_smile:

But i can’t find any. I thought the ti-Cats had one. I know sask had one. where are they ?