Do the Bengals suddenly look like ....

OK, think on this.
The Bengals now have a veteran QB who can put the ball down field to two excellent wideouts; they have a running back that goes downhill and can gash big chunks at any time; they have a big blocking tight end; and a defense that is able to put pressure on other QBs.
I'm not a Bengals fan... I just mention this because I think that they look very similar to the dominant team of the seventies.

I don't know... the thing I don't like about this team is they wait too long... and they don't put teams away. A couple examples: In the game against the Steelers, they waited until the fourth quarter to come back. You're not always going to get that opportunity. Then in the game against Cleveland, they built up a 14-0 lead... and then let the Browns score 20 unaswered points. Once again the Bengals had to come from behind, force OT, and kick a FG. This team needs to learn how to play a full 60 minutes. If you let a top tier team score 20 unaswered points, you're done.

Look below...