Do the Argos s..., well, you know

Tell Perry if you want. :wink:

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Wow, that second comment by EarlGrey (is that you Earl?).... the part about leaf fans... it was like reading something I wrote myself.
If I had the power I'd deport anyone from Hamilton who cheered for any toronto team to Scarberia.

That just about has it covered…

Bob has too translated that onto the field. He backed up the Brinks truck to get what we all thought was a good deal at the time for Maas. A $350,000 translation.

Now if he could just buy an O-Line, Receiving corps, D-Line, Linebackers, Defensive Backfield, Kicker and Returner...

Then those poor fans could take the paper bags off. :lol:

Speaking of money, I’m surprised to learn that Bill Gates no longer holds the title of worlds richest man. It now goes to a Mexican who owns the country’s telecommunications systems. He beats Bill by $9 Billion with $67 Billion. Didn’t get his name.

Yes, that was me Jerk. Here is a post I put on Sportsnet today in the CFL forum part from a thread about this blog:

"Toronto does think of themselves as the Centre of the Universe and also the home of the United States of America in Canada. Unless there is a US of A Yankee Doodle Dandy tag associated with something, it doesn't matter to many in Toronto. Hey that's fine. I picked up a copy of the Toronto Star on the weekend and the CFL standings was found at the end of the sports section, bottom of page, far right hand corner. Doesn't matter, the CFL, to the Sports editor of The Star. And you know what? I actually like that to be quite honest. I say to you Mr. Editor that all we, the rest of the teams in the league, need out of Toronto is a team in the CFL that we can bash and yell Argos Suck, Toronto this and that etc. The rest of Canada couldn't care less if you don't think much of your your team that plays in a league called the Canadian Football League. As long as you have a group of bums we can have fun with. hahahahahaha - and that is the truth Mr. Editor so keep making fun of our CFL and your own team, don't matter to me bud, in fact, that's the way I want it to be, we all want to say the Argos have no class and we just want to laugh and beat them for fun sake like their own does in their own town. hahahahahahahahahaha

Come on Pinball to The Hammer this wknd and we don't care who you bring to play, we just want to have some fun and laugh at Toronto like we always do (ok, so you've beaten us thousands of times lately, fine, but we are still laughing anyways at how your own media makes fun of you in that real classy town called Taranta. hahahahahahahaha)

I have to remember this one "all we need out of Toronto is _____________" No wonder I'm not a Leafs fan. hahahahahahaha"

The team needs a kicker and returner? Hmm, that's odd. This post's datestamp indicates it was posted in 2007, but the post seems to be from 2005. :slight_smile:

But although there is room for improvement, it may not take much for the team to at least make appearances in the division final games in the near future.