Do Not Move the end of the Season to October

Historically the earliest the Grey Cup game has been played is November 16th in both 1997 and 2003. I have no problem with the game being played around that time mid November or even a week earlier each year - but do think it would be a mistake to go any earlier than that because of the potential conflict with baseball for media and general sports fans' attention.

CFL doesn't own November. Far from it. The NFL is aligning itself for playoff seeding and is getting more viewing in November. MLB playoffs and world series are typically played during weeknights. I don't think there is a real issue moving CFL up a month as long as TSN takes into account world series dates just in case.

Good as it can be right now. Not even cold outside.

Last couple regular season and then playoff games in late October - and GC held in early Nov will have more fans in the stands. That's what it's all about after all. They should do it.

A negative for US-based viewers is the NFL Network roughly has about 80% the number of subscribers as compared to ESPN. Because the NFLN is a relatively expensive channel with fewer viewers, they must feel the need to fill their off-season schedule to justify their asking price to multi-channel providers. Would ESPN still be broadcast partner should the NFLN get involved? Likely no if the NFLN is offering real money (which should be the main reason why a shift in the season is even being considered).

Another is that in August, the NLFN primary focus is NFL pre-season games. If there is a conflict between an NFL and a CFL game, do we realistically believe the CFL game would get priority? Last time the CFL partnered with the NFLN, ESPN was also part of the equation. With ESPN, there is practically no limited number of live events that can stream on ESPN3.

While still a long way off, a 10th team now would just leave everybody with a smaller piece of the pie. League is going to explore anything a potential broadcast partner requests provided non-trivial dollars are involved.

The viewership is never better for the CFL than in November and yes we own November with viewership on TV not just sports . MLB play weekends and many times afternoon just not nights . Pretty sure the NFL is going strong in October so not sure what your saying .

This kills a traditional time for our league to blossom at least once a year in this country . WE get extra media attention that is reserved for other leagues or other events because of the time of the year and the Tradition of November Canadian football that has been played since inception .

Wouldn't it make more sense for baseball to move back a couple of weeks right now they go to early November . Way too cold in the north for baseball then .

This smells of some conniving within our CFL leadership somewhere .

If this was a US network like NBC or ABC giving the CFL a billion then I can't blame the governors for adjusting the season but not the sleepy after thought NFL network for dimes and quarters . Doesn't make any sense at all . I hope it's one of those Fake news items .

As I've said many times, if you want to strangle the life out of a moribund franchise in BC, just move the schedule up to play more summer home games, especially against the NHL playoffs. Further, just when people are getting out to enjoy the warm sunshine after months of cold rain, let them go back indoors, and play these games as far away from the traditional Fall "football season" as possible.

How to ensure dismal attendance and "zero" buzz for the CFL. Just when people are finally getting into football - when all the kids are playing it, end the regular season. ::slight_smile:

It doesn't even make sense from the NFLN stand point . You still conflict with American Football . Just a strange story and weird answers from our leadership .

Who would not miss our game last two weeks or tomorrow ? This is a great time of the year to finish up the CFL season .

Looks like there are 72 million subscribers to NFL networks. The dimes and quarters add up. If they paid the CFL 25cents as you mentionedper subscriber per month you would be looking at $18 million per month. $276 Million per year. @ 10 cents = $86 million. I can see the attraction.

I like the idea of letting TSN sell the rights to the US and Europe and TSN pays the CFL 10-12 million per team

You don't sell your soul to the US . Why would anyone like to destroy our heritage for a few crumbs ? November is sacred .

If you don't like watching it in November change the channel .

Say goodbye of lining up the Vanier Cup with the Grey Cup as the kids won't be able to have a championship that soon .

I think this will finally kill off the league maybe that's a good thing after watching the Vanier Cup .

It will come back as a Canadian only league that has OUR traditions .So go ahead do it .

I didn't say I don't want a Nov GC. I am with you on this.

Sorry if I sound snarky . I Love the idea of extra money too but I like to see any new TV deal bend towards our traditions not the other way around .

The money ESPN or the NFL Network would offer would not make this a worthwhile endevour. Right now, the CFL is paid less than 7 figures total for the rights to air games in the US - about a hundred thousand or so per team. Ratings are a few hundred thousand per game at best and they take a significant drop once the NFL season starts. Moving up the season a month means they were be a few additional weeks with tv ratings of a few hundred thousand for these games in the US.

How much more money do you think the networks will play for that?! If we are lucky each CFL team might see a million in extra revenue. I doubt that offsets the decline in ratings here with the overlap with the NHL playoffs and a potential decline in attendance in NHL cities. People here are generally not in the mood for football in May.

Outdoor football on the Prairies in May would be dicey as well. There are many days, even in late May, where the temperatures in the evening can be 5 degrees celsius. It's also not unusual to have snow in the Prairie cities, especially Calgary where winter weather can occur 10 months of the year.

Barring an unexpected and irrational tv deal from the US that closely resembles the CFL's current contract with TSN, this will not happen. Best case scenario for an earlier Grey Cup in the future would be adding a 10th team, having one bye week and ending the season mid-November...this would mean a mid-June start with training camp starting around the middle of May.

I keep asking myself if I would stop watching if the sked was altered or would I not bother going to a playoff game or GC if it was held in October. My answer is 'NO'. I would still watch the CFL if it was on during March break... I do not like the idea of changing the sked to accommodate an Amer network but am willing to try it for a year, take the money, and see if CFL interest climbs or not here in Canada. Interest in/by other countries does not matter as much as interest here ! AND I don't want the CFL to become a TV league in the states but in Canada, very few care.

To be honest it would not matter to me if they moved the season back a week or two, but I am quite content as is. Moving back a week or two can have a positive result, that would mean that places like Sask and Wpg would be able to host more GC's in a little warmer climates. It would also keep more amercian fans watching longer (aka those that tend to stop watching when NFL season comes on). Do we want to revolve around what Americans think? Of course not, but more bodies watching is better than not. To be honest the competing with the world series argument is not really that important. a) There is nothing that says the league can't schedule around the WS, b) unless the Blue Jays are in it much (not all) of Canada would not overly care. I can agree that moving back a month would not be great there is for sure tradition about the GC being a part of Nov (funny how some that are so opposed to tradition in other threads are so pro it here), but GC in mid november is not a bad thing.

Agree with this. The move would not affect me, but I'm afraid it could affect potential new fans and casual fans. I am willing to experiment. I disagree strongly with the idea but if it was brought in as a trial for 1-2 seasons that would be OK. We have to be willing to try new ideas. If we dismiss them outright without even a trial we doom the league.

I can't help it. I have to comment. I agree with what you say but it reminds of the Emperor Penguins down in the Antarctic ! Same premise. ;D

I have heard many people say they won't sit outside in the cold. I won't mention the two categories they fall into but I am in one category and I married a person in the other. :wink:

Yet they still sell well out west in November. Ottawa is a sell out and it can be cold and snowing this time of year there.

I know there are many people who won't, I married one of them too, but not enough to prevent tickets sales.

As I said, willing to give it a try. Have to have an open mind at least.

Yes I am willing to see the league fold by doing something so ridiculous .

I was fighting this but I noticed when something swings so wide and so against any logical thinking it maybe good .

This will nicely rid the rats by burning it down to the foundation .

This league has always been one step forward two steps back . This is just another example of celebrating today NOVEMBER 26th Grey Cup and week by saying it you now this sucks lets move this playoff and showcase event back to mid October where we NEVER finished the Grey Cup in 100 years .

Good grief this so dumb . This league should call itself Dumb and Dumber .

Maybe it's me but moving this season back has a sinister tone to it by having the CFL a spring development league for the NFL .