Do NOT Boiycott!!!

Boo Hoo...

We're 0-5, our starting QB chokes in the red zone and we can get our penalties under control. WHATEVER!

It was an exciting game (for the most part) and some of our young guys played awesome (Setta, Bauman and Lumsden). The future is bright. DO NOT Boycott. At least we have football to watch.

Go Cats Go!

Boycott, Boycott, Boycott

Exciting game or not, the point is to win; and that’s not happening…

So what, we lost. Anyone actually willing to boycott is not a true fan anyways.

All we need is a QB who can go vertical. Maas has not shown any ability to throw the ball deep and as the games progress teams figure it out.

That was tough to watch. I can't blame anyone who doesn't already havea ticket from stayng away. I have seasons so I'll be there but I'll be in a foul mood from the get go

I'll be there. This is getting hard to cope with. There better be some tangible issues addressed. I'm the last person to say the offense's woes are the fault solely of the QB, but with emmerging talent and leaders such as Setta, Moreno, Armour, Cody, Lumsden and now apparently Bauman... why isn't Maas name ever mentioned in their company.

I think its time to look at Chang in game, at least platooning... at the very least platooning to see if he carries this team and helps create some majors.

Everyone who thinks we should boycott the Ti-Cats should grow a set of nads and stick with the team through thick and thin and thin and thin.


Because once we start winning the bandwagon will be full... but I'll be riding in first class knowing that I stuck it out no matter what!