Do it for Milt!

I've watched the Bombers for at least two decades, and I can take another botched Grey Cup run, but I'm tired of it.

My biggest concern this year is Milt. He's been loyal to Winnipeg and played like no other all these years. It might be his last chance. I want the Grey Cup this year for him. It's just a game -- fun to watch for me, but it's something he deserves. How can you win all those records and let your loyalty to our province deny you the cup? How can we let him go without the cup? He's done us proud and been the most fun to watch. I'm sure he could have left our province many times for a great deal more money, but he didn't.

We have the talent -- but when only a few play consistently like we have it, they won't obtain the prize.

Why can't they just put egos or immaturity or whatever the problem is aside, and bring it home for Milt? It's a sad commentary when much lesser players have bigger egos, much younger players are lazier and players playing for their future, can't put in as much effort as Milt.

They, not all the players, should be ashamed of themselves.

I got in serious trouble last year for suggesting Milt be traded, for his sake to a contender, for a new pool of talent. Now one year later the Bombers still look the same in spite of Milt playing above and beyond what is asked of him. Again it may very well be that he will denied a Grey Cup. It's with regret I say that, just callin it for what it appears to be.

Now for your comment regarding egos and immaturity, I feel the Bombers have displayed a higher measure of personal discipline than that of the other teams. If anything they lack the intensity level they showed early on, and their defence is more than simply porous. It is almost like the other clubs have caught on to what the Bombers did, yet we can not adjust to what the other clubs are doing now. I think the responsibility should be targeted to Berry in general, and Marshall in particular. Again, we (Bombers) look just like we did last year, unfortunately the same results will follow.

it is hard to see. he probably has the best team around him he has since he joined the team. i am fearful of him going down in the books as the greatest player to never win the cup. and that in all rights suck. but still stegall will live on in the city and its supporters for all time. So cheers to the great one we call 85

The Bombers blew it in that Grey Cup in Montréal, theres no way they should have lost that one. I think that was the best Bomber team he was on.

it was a good team yes and no they shouldn;t have lost it. but this team has more names on the team just aren't getting worked right.

i would really like to see stegall get a TD in the grey cup game just to have one in each playoff game and to wrap up an outsatnding season way to go Milt your the best

Weve got this far. One more game to go. Were so close.