Do I have what it takes to play in the CFL?

I played Defensive End for Nebraska Wesleyan University, a small NAIA college in Lincoln, Nebraska US. After I graduated last May I participated in a "Scout Camp" and made it to the "Elite Scout Camp" as a LB. However, it seemed to be poorly run and very ineffective for gaining any attention. I currently design/program websites at work so I took things into my own hands and made my own site with some of my video and info: Anyone think I got what it takes? I'm probably going to do the BC tryout in Atlanta in May. Any advice anyone can offer would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Work hard friend. Don't take the try out camps lightly. Practise every day. Go to as many try out camps as you can afford to get to. Every year there are players who make CFL rosters through the try out camps, so who knows. You'll get a fair evaluation.

i don't think anyone on the board could give you an accurate/definitive evaluation, that's for the coaches to decide. but i hope you give it everything you've got and believe in yourself.i wish you the best of luck :rockin:

Go to the free agent try out camps, every team has one, just check there web sites. Thats when you will really no.

No one on this board can possibly tell you that for certain. You absolutely need to get to as many of the different team tryouts as you can possibly afford, as it's probably the only real path for you to take into the league. You'll be up against some great players - former NFL draft picks, undrafted FAs, guys who started for top NCAA teams but never made the NFL - but there always seems to be a few players who make it in from small schools. Being pro-active is the best thing you can do - plenty of great players are just lazy about making the effort to get attention.

One more thing - I hope you have decent pass coverage skills. At 235lbs, you'll most likely be slotted at LB in this league.

The Toronto Argonauts are holding a camp on April 4th in Orlando, FL.

The Edmonton Eskimos are holding numerous camps, including one in Atlanta, GA on May 9th.

remember... no fair catch on a kick.

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The Bombers are holding four camps beginning this weekend in Long Beach, Calif. They also have camps planned for San Diego, Monroe, La., and Deland, Fla.

The league cancelled their plans to bring the QBs, and the Winnipeg LB core would be one of the hardest to crack.

To be 100% honest, there are probably thousands of kids like you who have the same story.

You have to step it up in the camps and have a motor that just won't quit.

Conditioning is a vital key in the CFL with the bigger field and few players on the roster.

I always say that the cream rises to the top. If you are truly one of the best free agents out there, you just have to prove it.

Play your hardest,play with your heart.

if you are unable to make it this year, but your still serious, hire a personal trainer that has worked with other cfl players. or a former cfl player that is a trainer. i think thats what ben sankey does in the off season.

Hey guys, I appreciate everyone's responses. I'm definitely going to give it my best and work hard preparing for the BC tryout in May. I've got a personal trainer that I'll be working with for about a month before the tryout, so at least I'll have someone holding me accountable during the most crucial weeks! Thanks again, hope to see you all in Canada soon!

you need to love the game as much as you love your wife.

well, I think you've got the size to play in the CFL. that I'm certain of, but the one thing that pretty much all the coaches in the CFL will look for is how quick you are off the ball, especially lateral movement! As well as your ability to recognize situations on the field!

NFL wants more size and strength! while the CFL relies more on speed and agility! you need to be able to attack the line and make people have to reach to stop you, and also be able to quickly drop off into the mid zone in case a running back or slot back suddenly comes out into the flats!

a Good work ethic and motivation really will help you if you want any chance.

back in 1997, I worked for the Saskatchewan Roughriders at their Training camp and I saw everything, heard a lot and got to experience what it was like for players.

you gotta come in and be upbeat, motivated, have a great attitude and work through the tough days!

you just never know!