Do CFL Fans Suffer From CFLIC : Poll

According to MANY posters here, our TV ratings stink, our demographics stink, our attendance stinks, TSN is doing us a favour by televising our games, etc...

And this is coming from people who (supposedly) love the CFL.

Do we not have any confidence in our own product or our game???

So, my question is :

Do CFL Fans have CFLIC - Canadian Football League Inferiority Complex?

Fans don't. Toronto media does....

I voted no, I find most people on here are passionate hardcore fans of the League.

CFL Fans don't, but NFL-only fans do.

Some of it comes from the Canadian inferiority complex in general. It also stems from this league is constantly compared to the big 4 and big 5 if you include MLS.

The reality is we're the second biggest professional gridiron style of football the world. Many other leagues have come and gone along the way.

So knowing that, which league is #3..the arena league??

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I think our league is miles ahead of the NFL. Our game is much more fun and exciting.. It's too bad others don't feel the same as myself. Next comes the CIS. The closest thing the Americans have to our game is their college football and it sure seems a lot of people like the college game, so what does that tell you ?

I agree with you completely dan, when the grey cups over, football is done for another season . Can't be bothered to watch NFL. Too many teams that mean nothing to me, they're in another country , cfl is the best by far, now we just need one more team in the east to have a nice balance.

CFL fans develop thick a thick skin. CFL fans in the GTA hear plenty of crap. I used to hear it all the time from so called friends. I cut them loose. Heard zero CFL crap while on Vancouver Island for 11 years and I hear zero here the last three years in Peterborough County. Who cares if people watch the NFL or yap on about it. That league is losing me it's outrageous salaries and criminals. I can't relate. It's just a huge mass marketing machine and I don't like mainstream anything.

Some do.
Some don't.
Some pretend they do in order to troll those who don't.
Some try very hard to show they don't, thereby revealing that they actually do.

Where's the "all the above" option? :wink:

Big difference is !!!! Big beer companies in USA now in Canada have major prizes and gifts for NFL play picks.
Big time chock out cfl with buy the booze and big sexy commercials. We can do that or not. Thoughts

Love both the CFL and NFL. I don't buy for a second that the NFL is boring, at least for me. No metric used can suggest the NFL is lower in excitement at least for me.

And in answer to the poll I do not believe that fans have an inferiority complex.

In fact if this forum is to be believed ( and I don't) most CFL fans are blowhards who deride every other sport and every supporter of other sports.

I voted NO.

Glad to see I am in the majority - 69 %


It's Canadian's who have an inferiority complex about the CFL and their country in general, especially when compared to...(you know where)...not CFL fans who realize our league is terrific and is a far superior game to...(you know what). :stuck_out_tongue:

I have lost much of my NFL interest but I do love NCAA ball and my Wolverines. I can watch pretty much any NCAA teams and enjoy but the NFL has too many teams that I can't stand. I'm not into pools or gambling so I don't have that interest. Plus my Vikings have been around for what 55 or 56 years and have never won squat. Loosing four Super Bowls and tanking in the playoffs after great regular seasons way too many times. Starting 5-0 this season and now sitting at 5-4. Sounds like this years Argos.

The NFL has become too big like a big box store, mass marketed boy band, piss beer or McDonalds. A huge corporation that only cares about money and generating more disgusting amounts of it.

[i]We don't have an inferiority complex. But, we still like saying that our game is great, and explaining how it is great (compared to the NFL and USA rules football).

It might look a bit contradictory, but it isn't. We are PROUD of our game and like to talk it up! :rockin: [/i]

[i]This is a great question and poll by Kevin! :thup:

So come on people, get out and vote!

Vote early and vote often! :cowboy: [/i]


actually its a good point but soccer fans suffer this. MLS and Soccer in general is treated as a 3rd world sport and never gets attention in Canada.

Hockey and the sport of Football rule for popularity in our country and nothing comes close.

CFL needs a leader that is cocky, arrogant, and powerful. Right now Orridge is too quiet and nice.

With good reason! Soccer is a sissy sport. :cowboy: