Do Cats have a sports Psychologist?

Dr. Gordon Bloom is an Associate Professor of Sport Psychology at McGill University. He earned his PhD degree from The University of Ottawa in Sport Psychology and has been working in the field for 20 years. Gordon worked at California State University, Fresno, prior to his appointment at McGill in 2000. He is currently director of the McGill Sport Psychology Research Laboratory which focuses on applied and theoretical research in sport, physical activity, and health promotion.

The goal of the applied research program is to help athletes and coaches achieve personal development and performance success. His primary area of research examines the knowledge, leadership skills, and behaviours employed by both elite and youth sport coaches that, in turn, create a positive environment for excellence and participation in sport. This research often involves strategies employed by coaches in terms of leadership and coaching styles, or team building techniques.

Do Cats have a sports Psychologist? If so, who is it and how long have they been with us? It it something that needs more attention?
Just some food for thought... Cheers!! Now lets get out there and thump Edmonton!!! Go Cats Go!!

Hey moon, I took as an undergraduate a sports psychology course as part of my B.A. Phys Ed degree. A lot of interesting research and applied research into this area of study no question. The athletes mind is different than the ordinary person out there, no question.

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