Do away with the West vs East Concept?

What do you guys think? Personally I've never identified with this whole west vs east [us against them] thing. Why was it set up in the first place? Does anyone know? I would be fine with seeing the top 6 place finishers going into the playoffs. Whenever I watch a Grey Cup came I've never felt that I am rooting for the west. I am cheering for the Lions to bring home the Grey Cup. And should the Lions get knocked off this Sunday I will likely be cheering for Montreal because I like Calvillo or for Saskatchewan cause green is my favorite

I thought I'd heard that travel costs were a big reason to keep the East/West conferences seperate....

Perhaps, I don't know. But maybe they can look at the format. I do know that the Lions met eastern teams only twice but some western teams 4 times. I'd like to see that change. More games perhaps? For sure it would involve more traveling and therefore more expense.

well it is'nt a big deal and they HAVE to allow crossovers because its fairer which ever way the crossover goes and it is going to be a blast if the Lions can push the envelope and wail on the Als - so I guess we'll pick up a bunch of support from the east as well as the west. A win - win for the Lions.but it will seem a bit wierd kinda like when the Baltimore Stallions played the Lions for the GC (and lost). Some people may have to get used to it - we'll help them . . .


Until we get past 10 teams (2050, 2060???) Make one division and scrap East VS West


I remember that greatmystic. Yep, the Lions beat them in '94 but there will always be that one year ['95] when The Stallions won the Grey Cup and the Cup resided in the states for one whole year. Not my idea of an all Canadian sport. As good as that team was during its brief CFL history I could never get used to the idea of an American based team playing in the CFL.

yeah - its like did we really have all those american teams in the league? the sacramento gold miners, las vegas bandits? schreveport pirates etc etc I wonder what the players thought about going down there to play. I don’t think they attracted very big crowds. how long did it last? 2 or 3 years?

Wasn't the west versus east rivalry artificially created for marketing reasons to boost interest in the CFL? Maximization of television viewers from both western and eastern Canada.

Never EVER scrap east west divisions. Its Canadian tradition. Its part of the CFL. Its history. Its NOW

If we had always had the East/Weat rivalry I would sy keep it as it tradition. However because we had North/South for at least 1 year so we trashed that tradition.

It would be better if all the teams were just lined up 1st to 8th.

This year it would have been.....Montreal 1, Sask 2, Cal 3rd, Ham or Ed 4th & 5th and BC sixth.
Cal hosts BC and Ham & Ed play........
The following year we could have 8th vs 7th, 6th vs 5th, 4th vs 3rd and the Grey Cup match up to start the season.

Yes, scrap it. The West is the overall better division and but for Montreal in the East, the other teams in the division will be perennial doormats for a crossover. Alot of things need changing in the CFL. At least it's not as much of a joke as when Larry Smith was commish. He moved the Labourday Classic to Toronto for a year and should have been assassinated for it.

Tiger Cat Great wrote: "Yes, scrap it. The West is the overall better division and but for Montreal in the East, the other teams in the division will be perennial doormats for a crossover..."
Let's put something in perspective, here. Take away the god-awful Argos (0-8 vs. the west) the overall record would've been East 14 West 10.
I have come to believe that we finally have parity, except in Toronto.

I agree the league is quite balanced except for Toronto, next yr. it might be the peg in the basement we will see.
As far as changing the east west thing there is no need to fix what isn't broken. If there is a better western team they get to play the east. Remember, that's how BC made it to Montreal last wk.

Its unfortuate that we don't have a team in Ottawa or even the maritimes because i really believe that with good ownership that teams would survive in those markets. As for the playoffs.I really think they should keep it as is. I really like the idea of a crossover. You get the top 6 teams in the playoffs every year.