Do argos have money or will to re-sign WR walker?

do argos have money or will to re-sign WR walker ?

I hope they have both.

Now that SJ Green has gone and Jefferson re-signed with the Bombers, there should be some cap space for Walker.

I gota think you are right about that.
Kinda crazy that they were ready to throw everything but the Kitchen sink at Jefferson. They need more balance and not a high price stud on D and have to cut the rest.
SJ Green I can only guess that his boy Jim Popp really paid him too handsomely.
Still playing great is SJ. But will be 35 soon.
So the choice needed to be made & Walker would be my choice.

I’m not sure how much they were willing to spend on Jefferson, but apparently it was not enough.

They signed Thigpen today. He might help at RB, but I don’t think he’s ever been the full-load kinda back, so they’ll still have to sign someone there too.

i was kinda surprised by the thigpen signing as thigpen is 33 yr old - kinda old for a RB

Ya. Thigpen was never really RB. He was always really a returner Hybrid guy.
Argos are gona have to find those wat has become known as a Dime a Dozen American RB group. Thats gona take alot of scouting. With the latest startup league in the XFL. Its a free league for the CFL to get film of a whole new pool of RBs with film to look at.
Among other positions that the Argos are not the only team that have those needs.

After signing Daniels and Jones (each reportedly in the $200k range), I think it’s save to say that the Argos will not be bringing back Walker and Edwards.

I think BC will end up signing Walker.

i think walker can be had at a good price and he would help make argos one of the better receiving teams in the league

Don’t hold your breath…

yeah - no holding breath

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The fact that Walker has still nor signed maybe means the offers have dropped some from his contract last year. If it was 275,000 as reported that may have to come down for teams to fit him into their cap. I still think he is an elite receiver in this League and with the right QB could really light things up. Don’t know if that is going to be the Argos though. Looks like Daniels, Brescacin and maybe TJ Jones will be this years go to guys.

i just think it would be a very shrewd move to sign walker with the downturn in offers
just imagine the receiving corp that would give the argos

and lots of insurance in case of injury and receivers can be rotated to keep them frsh and tire opposing db’s out

keep on running at least 1 of those receivers [3 elite rec would then have] deep each play and tire out those db’s by 4th quarter

exciting football = more ticket sales

in my opinion

ps - see mods - i didnt mention that other guy even once … lol

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Yeah, still a couple of big name WRs available.

Signing Walker still would give the Argos a lot of flexibility at receiver and lead to a healthy competition at camp. Plus, they could always trade or release whoever doesn’t shine at camp, although I suspect agents for guys like Walker and Daniels likely insist on significant signing bonuses, which would be money wasted if they later release the player for cap considerations.

Plus, the team still needs help at RB.

ant good rb out there via fa ?

That’s an interesting question.
Owner MLSE & The trifecta of owners of MLSE have a lot of profitable business ventures.
This is not specific to Walker or even MLSE but other players or ownership groups.
Careers for players post football, off season dollars for ex a player with a degree in the communication field. A popular player like walker.
Could be also begin a sports casting career. A lot of venues to do that with all that MLSE and it’s owners are connected to in the media industry.
Just saying.

Also something was discussed on The Sportscage radio show the radio & partner with the Riders.
With the Argos now signing Nichols on top of the MANY 200K signing A lot of teams are looking for a veteran capable #2 QB.
Could it be possible for the Argos to make a trade with a team in need. Make it feasible for both teams to open up a chunk of that 200K salary that MBT has in Toronto. To be able to pay Walker within the 200k plus range.
O’Connor seems to be the QB of the Future. And he could be bumped up to # 2 with a vet like Nichols at #1.
If I the answer to this just speculation on my part

CJ Gable is the biggest name for RBs available. He’s getting a bit long in the tooth though. Maybe the Argos are happy with new players they’ve scouted to bring in?

i like the logoic and i think re signgin walkerker would be a great move and make argo a very dangerous long ball team

i still like brandon bridge as he has a very strong arm likes to throw deep and has very strong legs and i bet he signs for $123k

trade the snd guy and free up room to sign walker