Do Argos Have a Chance on Sunday??

Can the Double Blue bounce back against a very tough Blue Bomber team?

I would love to see Dominque Dorsey used more on offence like he was against Saskatchewan, since that game he has been forgotten on offence.

The Argos have to play like they are possessed. Even that may not be enough.

If the D plays spectacularly and the Argos score first, they have a shot. Winnipeg plays a different game when ahead than they do when behind.

However, I'd still favor Winnipeg by at least a TD.

There is still no guarantee that Kevin Glenn will start and if he doesn't then all bets are off. If he does then the Argos definitely have to jump on the Bombers early.

There's always a chance! Last week was terrible but fixable. Bishop found the right guys but overthrew them and when he did hit Mookie, he dropped it. Penalties were disasterous. Add it all up and ya we got killed, but correct it all and we might have won last week. Look at Montreal, they beat B.C. and then got killed by Edmonton! Home turf is an advantage in the CFL for sure.

Regardless of whether Glenn plays, OK it's better if he does not, I firmly believe Bish wll come back and hava an awesome game. Especially if Bruce and Miles return to prop the offense.

All depends on the offense. We are not gonna win with 150 yards of offense. Depends on Bishop and how/what receivers play. The defense has done their part all season, looks like last week they held BC to mostly fgs.

Yeah, defence was great for 2.5 quarters. But they were on the field like the entire time, Bish had a lot of 2-n'-outs. If you play that long, you're bound to get worn down.

Bish, need to stay on the field longer, let the D take a rest once in a while.

If that happens, I think Argos will win by 3...very close game.

This'll be a tough game for us, but hopefully we get the win.

Give the Argos some credit. Our D is sick.