Do Als get compensation for us stealing their assistant GM?

Surely there would be a conditional draft pick or something like that.

They got Belli...sssssssssssssssh LOL

My understanding is that the official word is that no compensation was asked for. The Belli move extended that goodwill, IMHO.

Oski Wee Wee,

How did we steal him? He has not proven himself being the man. Lets see how it works out

Too many dumb penalties. Needs to play a disciplined game and stop thinking about himself.

You scatch my back I'll scratch yours.

Don't think for a second there is no agreement in place. Popp spends 5 years helping and training this guy and then gives him away?

Not a chance. Rob has already established a reputation for back door deals with the widely publisized Maas deal.

The devil will be in the details.

They gave permision for us to talk with him, that is all you need to be able to sign him. The Raptors did the same thing last year when they hired Bryan Calangalo, I'm still baffled as to why Phoenix would be so stupid to allow Toronto to talk to him.

Because they wanted to get rid of Colangelo.

Why would Montreal want/need compensation?

Popp isn't going anywhere soon and it's actually nice to develop an executive and give him an opportunity where there is one.

Teams traditionally do not stand in the way of their employees seeking better opportunities elsewhere in the CFL. Both Rich Stubler and Kent Austin of the Argos had interviews with other teams during this past off-season although both returned to Toronto. What makes Desjardin’s situation a little unusual is that it was done in mid-season. I’ve never heard of compensation in these cases.

Gotta give Montreal credit. They let a bilingual guy go “home” to Hamilton.

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