Do 5000 People Show Up In Toronto Tommorrow?

Real attendance… Not the BS one?

Yes, I think the 5,000 will show up

Maybe... I'll have lots of room to stretch out. Just the way I like it!

Most likely family and friends only.......oh!!! and Cool and his gang :slight_smile: with all the room they need to stretch out :wink: I will be seriously surprised if the attendance hits 10,000 tonight,hopefully the games not shown in the good old U.S of A. :roll:

There is only about 5000 season ticket holders, 2000 will be freebies, 2000 will be paid, so actually around 9000 :thdn:

I was surprised at the “announced crowd” for the last two games 16k and 17k. I looked at the seating chart before both games and I honestly couldn’t count 6,000 seats not available on that chart. Either they had a huge walk up or they are not announcing the actual attendance.
If Braley was losing $6 Million a year with a 23k average he must be losing twice that this season. Why would anyone take this team off of his hands? I’m sure MLSE has been waiting to see how things will play out but it’s not a good sign.

Not sure how many will show up but the Ticketmaster choose your seat thing as of 10:00AM this morning looks a little more promising than their last home game. And I would even say it looks like they've sold a a thousand tickets over the last few days since the last time I looked at this. I'll go out on a limb here and assume they get a decent walk-up crowd and announce it as about 18,500 with about 13,000 actually there.

One thing it is a bit hard to see but is an indication to me of desperate measures by the Argos to make it look more crowded. It looks like in addition to of course not selling the 500 level they seem to have removed the last 4 rows of the 200 level from sale as well - so they are only selling the first 8 or 9 rows of that level to 'pack' everybody together as much as possible.
Here's a look at the entire stadium

A close up of seat availability on the west side.Note how the last 4 rows of the 200 level are not available at all. Those 4 rows are not less expensive than the rows in front of them - so that would not be a reason for them to sell if you were thinking that. (I checked).

Interesting observation about the 200 level seats.
I’m in section 233, Row 8.
I’m going to look around tonight and see if those seats are unoccupied - although people tend to move around freely to whichever seats they choose, so this might not be an accurate visual assessment.

Yes it won't be a big crown by any stretch but hopefully there will be a decent walk up especially with the Jays on the west coast.

It's being promoted (though very weak) as a Pan Am themed event. Anyone who is a volunteer for the games have a nice promo going on. My wife is one but I'm running arrands all over the East end of the GTA tonight so I can't make this one :frowning: Love these Tuesday games!

Raindrops won’t be fallin’ on head. :slight_smile:

They will in Hamilton, but not in T.O. I guess everybody here in the Ti-Cat forum will be gettin’ wet.

The one redeeming feature of the Rogers Centre for football!
I definitely enjoyed attending the 100th Grey Cup in late November wearing my Argos jersey with no winter coat and wool toque.

Hey Travel Pat good images, why don't the Argo's put Cardboard Fans in the seats make it look more filled for TV and they could use a laugh or clap track on audio like they do on TV shows, sure would help if you only get 10,000 fans for 50,000 seat domed stadium?

Actually the Argo Fans are like Cardboard Fans anyway they just sit there like a night out at the Opera, It's a football game how about some fans and noise Argo's!!


You mean like, stand up, clap, and cheer?
Hell, I’d spill my glass of chardonnay!! :lol:

Well, off I go to the game…

LOL!!! Enjoy the game tonight True Blue,hopefully you won’t be there all by yourself and lonely :slight_smile:

Hey remember CFL fans it's overcast and rain is expected tonight in Toronto, But they are in a Domed Stadium? Doesn't matter when it rains in Toronto, No Argo fans show up to the game, No tailgate party, too far to park the car, We'll get wet, the transit drops us off at the door but we still have to cross the rain puddles? Excuses, Excuses!!!

They said they are expecting 8 thousand.

Crowd is packed.... If this is not a massive give away then this is truly amazing :expressionless:

Always hard to tell on TV with the selected camera angles. The crowd is lively whatever the size.

This is the first home game that I'm watching on TV this season. (Was at the home opener and out of town for the second).

For those who watched the first two, how does this one compare on TV?

26 yard punt...fml