Do 2 TDs excuse the missed block that will end AC's career?

"Things got tense in the fourth quarter after the Alouettes squandered most of their 24-0 lead. However, Brandon Whitaker scored two touchdowns with his team up 24-17 and the Als went on to win 39-17.

Whitaker was likely breathing easier after his two scores, as he was he who was unable to block Willis before the hit that knocked Calvillo out of the game."

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Whitaker might have been breathing easier, but his missed block took Anthony Calvillo's breath away.

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End his career? Get real.

Bruised sternum, out for two weeks, but hey ! Knock yourself out.

You really like that "took his breath away" comment, eh? I'm sure you think it's all kinds of witty...

Calvillo will be back soon to rip apart teams (like he did to us when he was in lol).

He will be back in OCT :roll:

Matt Dunigan called it right away--he knew. A bruised sternum ended Steve McNair's career, though he tried to play through it.

Als fans are kidding themselves if they think AC is going to pop up in time for Labour Day & play like nothing happened. At 38, this may be Anthony Calvillo's last season of pro football.

You might be right, but that still remains to be seen.I for one hope he can get back out there, not because I want the Al's to dominate, but rather because of my huge respect for AC.Get well soon :thup:

Are running backs usually expected to block defensive ends? I'm guessing he missed his block but if that's who he was supposed to pick up Calvillo was going to get hit regardless.

sorry I think you’re wrong.

he’ll be fine in a few weeks and they’ll have AC back!

That's what we all want, no doubt. AC's truly one of the greats in the CFL, both as a player and as a person, but the only one who's gonna know for sure when he'll be fine and ready to play is Calvillo himself. Until the man says he's ready again, the Als need to use their backups and adjust accordingly. And you know what? I don't think that's really such a bad thing, because I have faith in Chris Leak, and I have faith in the great receiving corps to make the plays for him, and our stout defense to make sure he keeps getting the ball back.

But before I worry about whether AC can manage to play again, I'm just hoping the man recovers well. Although I certainly don't think this is going to be the career ending injury that most people are so worried about. This is Calvillo we're talking about, afterall. :wink:

Your just a petty troll. «On the French forum you claim he`s got broken ribs and perforated lung LOL !

There were numerous speculations swirling around RDS and other news media after Calvillo went down. I just reported what I heard at the time. The way AC collapsed while walking odd the field, there was no doubt something was seriously wrong.

It turned out Matt Dunigan called it right away--he knows QB injuries; he's had most of them :slight_smile:

BTW hfxtc, you're the one that drifts from team forum to team forum spewing trash. Don't project your trolling slime on me.

BS. You kept repeating that Willis 'took Calvillo's breath away' like a piece of bad teenage poetry. You weren't out to report facts, you were delighting in misinforming people by distorting the facts. Hence the title of this thread that hilariously claims AC's career to be over with no basis in fact.

It's doubly amusing coming from a fan of the Bombers, whose starting QB has probably missed more games due to injury in one season than Calvillo has over the past decade.

...maybe he should begin his thread titles with "BREAKING NEWS!..."

Did Marty York get McMahon to confirm it first? :cowboy: