DMac - New OC: Too Early?

I’ve never coached football so can’t make an educated opinion on this. Given Danny’s credentials, is it too early for him to step into the OC job? The worst thing the team could do now is rush him into the job. However, the offense is in disarray and something has to change.

I don't think the offence is in disarray.

The shotgun on 2nd and 1 when Williams entered...well was it bad play calling or was Williams just nervous?

At the end of the half, we had two first downs and three points. We haven't thrown a TD pass in five games. I call that disarray.

I don't think the offence is in disarray.
Ok Charlie... ;) The offense is fine.

Last year the offence was in disarray.

This years offence just needs some tweaking to be great.

We have better receivers this year, Rodrigues looks good.

We have 1, maybe 2 good QBs.

Maybe a new OC is needed.

I am more confident that things can be turned around this year than I was in years past.

Not to be a stickler for details, but is my point.