DMAC Honours Lancaster

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As he enters the Hall Danny Mcmanus pays tribute to Ron Lancaster and his family.
Classy as usual.
A touch of meloncholy too as it is a reminder how RL isnt here to see it and how much time has passed since those sunny days when everything came together.

Classy as usual is exactly right. That epitomizes Danny Mac.

We all know Danny is Class Act

I remember for 1st Interview when Started BGR was with Danny
I was out Offices at IWS and walked inside and there Ronnie at GM's Desk.
What Can do for you he said to me .. I am here to Interview Danny .
who gave permistion to talk to Danny Dave Sovay
Son you have go threw football Ops to that and he got this look.
I thought I was going to lose my Lunch from R.L Glare at me
He laughed and told me let get danny for you ..

Danny has great Interview and I'll Remember it...

zontar: :thup:

Danny continues to impress me both as a human being and as an ambassador for the Ticats and the CFL.