DL J Newsome released by SSK and has a say about Jones

He was picked up by OTT yesterday

It sure sounds like he is partaking in "He say, She say" with releasing this. :roll:


Pretty much dejavou to the Lemon thing last year. The date is probably pretty close to the same also. What a joke Jones is. Newsome was bang on in questioning WTF Jones is doing on Defence.

Sounds like a classy stand up guy.

Newsome, not Jones or Phileon.

He should be happy. Who would want to be in that toxic poison ?

I don’t think it’s a coincidence that these incidents keep happening with Chris Jones.

Possibility Phillion is poisoning Corky's mind - a mind that really doesn't need any more toxins inside its limited boundaries.

Phillion was a total jerk as a player - a piece of dirty who tried to willingly hurt CFL players whenever he could. Now, his body full of fat, he's turned to personal animosity to exterminate guys he doesn't like! :cowboy:

Just what the REBLACKS needed too, a good DE. Ottawa is saying thank you Chris................ :smiley:

  • they've been searching for a decent DE since Whiteside, great timing.

An error? Looking at the REDBLACKS roster, Newsome is on the 6 game injured list. I do know that he could be taken off this list anytime.