DL Cleyon Laing signs with OTT

gary lawlessVerified account ?@garylawless 59m59 minutes ago
Hearing Cleyon Laing's #cfl @REDBLACKS deal pays him 25 k for Friday's reg season game and then what he makes in playoffs. FA next season

Tim Baines ?@TimCBaines 31m31 minutes ago
Cleyon Laing an impact player in 3 CFL seasons. 15 sacks for Argos. Released from Miami Dolphins practice roster Oct. 31. #Redblacks #CFL

Tim Baines ?@TimCBaines 29m29 minutes ago
Also worth nothing that DL Cleyon Laing is Canadian, born in Edmonton. That is huge for #Redblacks in #CFL stretch drive.

Everybody that comes back form the NFL is a few steps behind. I do not think he will be that much of a impact.

Again, why is he allowed to join a team and play in the playoffs after missing an entire season, yet, Carter and Stafford are not?

I'm not understanding this... anyone care to explain?

Assuming it's because didn't play for another club in the league at t trade deadline - they did.

That would be the equivalent of $450k over 18 games. Pretty crazy money, but I guess if they have the cap space they might as well use it.