DJ who?

After watching the game, it's embarrassing to call DJ our "star" wideout. He played horrible. He ran bad routes, showed no hustle, and didn't even fight for the ball (and allowed the ball to be intercepted). Flick could play for the other team right now, and it would help US. I'm also wondering where Morreale is. Is he such crap now that he can't even beat out the rest of our mediocre recievers?

Cut Flick, Cut Morreale, end this joke and bring in a team!!

Frustrated Cat Fan (55-cat-55)

LOL, this is a joke right?

welcome to the site 55-TROLL-55

What a joke.

Keep Fishing

r u kidding me! he ran amazing routes, if he had a QB to not overthrow him he would have made every catch

now they wanna cut flick?
what next?
starting to sound like homer simpson around here "now team, it's for the easiest part of a coaches job..the cuts"

Cut Flick!! You have to be kidding!! His routes are always crisp and accurate and he NEVER gives up on a ball. Yet you belittle him. What a winner you are 55-cat!!

Cut the whole team then.

The we can sign the 1994 Denver Broncos.

Okay im still tryn to stop laughing here. Did you say Cut Flick? Ya hes only led the team in recieving for 2 years straight and lead Ottawa In his last season there. The cats do have alot of problems but Flick isnt one of them. So to answer your question to Dj Who? Well Its Dj Flick! The Best reciever this team has had since Darren Flutie.

Let me help you guys out. There is nothing wrong with the cats. It takes time for the QB and his receivers to get their timing down and get use to the new offense that is being employed. Yes the Cat fans have had poor seasons over the last few years but that light is on at the end of the tunnel. They are not far of guys seriously! It took the Stamps 7 games before you seen a difference from receivers have passes over their heads or to short to catching them regularly. Do not give up on your team they will do alright.

DJ Flick is by no means a problem on this team. If you saw him slacking odds are u were watching the game when CALGARY had the ball. As long as he was out there he was doing fine. My one and only complaint about Jason Maas is that he doesn’t go to Flick often enough as was shown last night. When it did go to Flick it was poorly thrown. This is not DJ’s fault. Luckily for 55-Cat-55, I am in a friendly mood today so I will try and please him by putting in a word to cut Flick, Morreale, Maas, Holmes…Heck! Let’s cut the entire defense! This will SURELY improve our chances. :roll:

As long as that light at the end of a tunnel isn’t a big ass whomping freight train! lol

DJ Flick is part of the solution, not the problem. Morreale on the other hand is just a “body” now. If he wasn’t a Canadian “body”, he’d be gone. He can still catch but he can’t run anymore (not that he ever had blazing speed). Anyway, the Cats’ fortunes at this point don’t hinge on Morreale’s contributions or non-contributions. They have other real problems to address.

An Argo fan