DJ Flick

Hi everyone

When DJ Flick was in Hamilton, did he play SB or WR? Also if you know if he played SB / WR in Ottawa, you could tell me, that would be great. Thanks

he played WR in both Ottawa and Hamilton

Oh cool, thanks alot!

DJ had one good year in Hamilton was given a Pay Raise and never was the same
Finlay got going with Roughriders again winning a Grey Cup
This a year freak Injury Cost him the Majority of the season
I'd thinking he'll Signed with Edmonton Him and Peterson are close.
I'd Welcome him back if he was Cheap Enought.

I really love DJ, always so full of energy and he is a great receiver. Unfortunately when he got injured, Dressler took his slotback spot and to make things worse for him, Jason signed with the Riders. With 3 starting slots, there's no way DJ could replace non-imports Andy Fantuz, Jason Clermont and import Weston Dressler, rookie of the year.

The only fortunate thing is I would assume he will have to take a paycut if he goes anywhere because he is coming off of injury and missed most of the season. So if he is willing to come cheap, he could come back to Riderville and play WR now that I know he was a star in that position. That would really make our receiving core better than it already is with Flick's great hands and speed at WR. Just the price is keeping him away at the moment

Just curious which of the 2 - 1000 yard/All star seasons in Hamilton was the good one, and which was when he was "never the same".

I only Recall 1 1000 Season that was the 1st season of Greg Marshall Crash.
If I missed one then forgive me .
IMO the next year season after he was not as good.
Players have up and downs
there are human Peterson Proves this adage.
Look I am not staing I would not welcome DJ back .
I am just saying after Oski Wee wee Gate.
He has a lot to prove to us Fab
if DJ wants to come back to the Hammer.
A lot of us Fans Felted Slighted by what he did at the Time.

Dose not mean we don't respect his talent and Great guy He is .
Cause he is still a very good WR but his ankle is Question Mark
if DJ can comeback from Ankle and get 1000 yards and Score a few Majors.
I am sure all all be forgiven.

I say we stay away from Flick as a FA. He's coming off a badly broken leg, and burned his bridge with me by mocking the oskee-wee-wee dance in the endzone at Ivor Wynne after scoring a TD against us.

The only vet recever I'd go after is Bruce, if TO lets him get to free agency. If we can't get him, I'd trade one of our top picks in the draft and maybe Richie Williams to another team to get receiving help.

As far as im concerned that was over the day it happened. It was directed at our GM and the fact that he was fired tells me he deserved it. He made it clear it wasnt directed at the fans.

DJ played here 3 seasons, 2 of which were 1000 yard seasons and All Star nominations, one of which he played with Jason Maas. (Nobody had a good year that year).

Having said that, his injury didnt require surgery and if he's healthy (Hes not even 30 years old) I think we could use a guy with his talent and experience. The only bridge burned was with Marcel D and hes long gone.

Richie Williams has no trade value right now.

DJ's intent may have been to direct it at the GM, but it sure didn't feel like it at the time. A lot of people were disappointed by that since they bascially blew a gasket over him being traded away.

That being said, I don't care about that at this point. If DJ can still contribute I would welcome him back here. I'm sick and tired of losing and would welcome almost anyone who could help us win right now.

Bruce is a tool. Spiderman mask-wearing clown. He's coming off a less than stellar season himself. He took a lot of the blame for the blue team's early losses. I don't know if he'd really be much of a help.

Flick and Bruce are quality guys and football players. The spider-man thing was clumsy but Bruce can catch a football. I suspect Toronto will sign him, they have very little talent on that team, they can't really let him walk away for nothing.

It might be that Bruce's attitude is not the best from time to time, not a good thing around a lot of new young receivers.

I would accept Flick or Bruce into the Ticat camp. Too bad its not my decision to make.

There would be conditions: Bruce: No spiderman or similar shenanigans. Take your position and every game very seriously. No stupid penalties.

Flick: Bear in mind that Dejardins is gone and we are a DIFFERENT team.
Any former injuries must be certified to be healed and you report to camp
ready to play.

This being said, I think Bruce will stay where he is and I think Flick may still show
signs of injury and be a little gun shy about reporting to Hamilton in view of his
mocking of our sacred prayer: Oskie ww wee!

The riders will have recievers that Hamilton may look at in a trade. They are young and recived needed experiance this year due to the riders injuries. They have both imports and IN recievers with great height.

I wouldn't touch Bruce with a ten foot pole.........or a three foot albanian for that matter. Locker room cancer, Cats don't need that. If you think Casey Printers is a 'me-first' kind of guy, he'd look like a choir boy next to Bruce.

If DJ wants back here and he can bring it according to Obie, let's get him back if it makes sense. After all the crap about how this team has been run and some players realizing Bob didn't quite get the football stuff compared with Linux and computers and all that, then that means they are smart enough to know the Ticats situation is going to be one heck of a good experience now that Bob is getting football CFL experience.

And I would even say that about Jason Goss and we all know about the Jason Goss stuff.

Has anyone hear from Gossfan since Jason was traded for nothing ?

Remember when Sudsy was fired?
When Lancaster took over the Ticat organization was "big" enough to want him back, and Sudsy was "big" enough to come back, and take our D to the next level and '99 GC.

   I hope present Ticats organization is "big" enough to take back any player who wants to come back (provided he still has something to help the team) and the player is "big" enough to come back.

Great post... we're hardly in a situation to be turning away players that WANT to be here. It always seems to be the problem