DJ Flick


I know one thing , nobody felt sorry for the Cats last season when Lumsden went down and all the other injuries we had .

I wish Flick was playing Saturday as I think we`d kick thier ass even if he was playing !!!!

Thats football and im sure they`ll have another guy in their who will take great pleasure in catching a few TDs in Flicks absence .

eh man ur always a fan favorite here in steel city, even though your not apart of this organization u were and are a favorite. get well man :slight_smile:

Get well quickly, D.J. Thanks for posting on this site and thanks to Steve for bringing your dilemma to our attention.

We're all pulling for you. See you in the latter half of the season and in the playoffs.

Message to Sigpig. You're a guy who knows the real value of life, Sig. I wish you a speedy recovery from your ankle surgery and many wonderful moments of running and playing, one day, with your own kids.
I took my grand daughter up in a small aircraft this afternoon and than for a swim back at my house. Kids and grand kids are a wonderful part of my life. I hope you get to experience the same things. :thup:

Im confused, nobody seems to feel sorry for the Riders because of their injuries... I know I dont. You're right, thats football.

This thread was about DJ Flick suffering a big injury and some of his fans wishing him well. What does wishing him the best in his recovery have anything to do with the Riders, or this week's game?

Crash get over yourself and Flick !!!

Big deal he broke his ankle , he`ll be fine . Flick would of had no problem coming in here and scoring a TD and letting us all know he was traded or let go and wasnt happy about it .

I dont know about you but im fed up with losing and with Flick out of the lineup well have a better shot at winning ( although he is far from their best reciever ) with him out .

Once they leave here i`m no longer a fan especially when they try to rub it in when we play their team . I want to see another big win and another big game from Lumsden !!!

I would just like to personally say thank you for those that have given their warm thoughts and prayers. I've built some solid relationships in my time in Hamilton and it's great to have the unconditional support eventhough I'm no longer a member of the ticat organzation. Thanks again.

D.J. Flick
Saskatchewan Roughriders #3

It's too bad you can't play on Saturday, I was really looking forward to our defence shutting you down. :stuck_out_tongue:

Get better! Your a class act coming on here and thanking people.

Of course he will be fine. He played in hamilton and made friends here and many of us are still fans of his so WE wish him well. I am a fan of football and the tigercats but dj has entertained me for years and I dont think wanting to see someone recover and wishing him the best is wrong. Its just entertainment after all. DJ was one of the few football players who ever bothered to come on this site and take part with the fans. If your not a fan fine, then leave the people who are to wish the guy well in a thread started by a family member thanking fans of djs.

Excuse me while i throw up !!!

He had one good season here and after that he stopped caring . Did you watch the classless act he pulled against us last season ?? Weve moved on and were much better at that position now than we have been in a LOOOOONNNNGGGG time .

Im a Ticat fan and i cant wait to kick their asses on Saturday night . Can you imagine wanting a player on the oposite team do well against us ?? Well i dont and im pretty sure most if not all the other Ticat fans on here would agree !!!

I don't hear anyone saying they want DJ to do well against us, infact I have heard quite the opposite. People are saying they are dissapointed we couldn't shut him down and put him on his butt this weekend. They are not saying they want him to do well against us, they are wishing him well. No matter how much you dislike a person you don't wish this kind of injury on them, and you don't insult them while they lay in a hospital bed unable to walk. Get well DJ.

OMG PLEASE STOP !!!! Ill let you in on a little secret ok , hell be walking out of the hospital very soon !!!

Your a very childish person.

Shouldnt we be more concerned with Barkers leg more than Flicks ??

People are concerned with Barker's leg. Just stop for a second and stop thinking about football. What if this man was never to play football again? What if he wasn't able to play with his kids because of this injury? Does he care if you hate him or not then? no. Theres more to life than football.

i`m childish ?? You want me to imagine Flick not being able to play with his kids cause he hurt his ankle ??

Why not give your head a shake and lets stop talking football and talk about the poor kid that was dragged under the car !!!!! Their is a kid who we SHOULD BE WORRYING ABOUT !!!

Your right but that is not the topic of this thread. If someone were to start a thread about that then that would be the topic. The topic of this thread is wishing DJ Flick well.

Ok chris your right and i`m wrong ok ?? better now ??

It was very big of you to admit your error in judgment, habman.

You sure are a macho kind of guy!

Steel Town Tough, I'd say. :thup: