You know i sympathised with DJ when they traded him I understood his bitterness but when I saw DJ do the Oskee wee wee in our endzone thats it for him the only reason im routing for the riders is Corey Holmes and there fans, there fans are the 2nd best in the league I just hope Hamilton makes a decision on a new GM they need to get the ball rolling or we will all be on here talking about other teams next years playoffs....


Don’t take it so hard. He apologized several times for that act. Although it’s hard to believe but the action was aimed at Desjardin and not the good fans of Hamilton as I’am to understand.

Since Ticat fans have very little to get fired up about with their team they generally pick players or in this case former players to pick on.

DJ even went as far as to say he would come back if given the right circumstances, but that doesnt matter in Hamilton.

People will continue to bash him until he comes back and scores his first TD, then all will be forgotten.... its the nature of this fickle town.

Crash, most fans are fickle in any league, not just a Hamilton thing. It's "what have you done for me lately" sort of thing.

To be fair, most people on here have defended DJ and trashed the trade and DJD.

Once DJ started talking about not wanting us to win another game and then did his endzone dance he lost a lot of the support around here.

I am going to the game now because of Flick and the other ex hamilton players .It may be a very good game.
No toronto and cheap tickets so I can pay for the over priced beer. :thup: :thup: :thup:

I do agree with you Crash for a Change.
DJ is not a Ticat
So he is the Ememy
We did Same with The Mike.
We hated his Guts when he was an Argo

Any Former Ticat
We don't like Them Untill he Returns
I am shure The same Thing happened with Mosca when was not a Ticat

Sooooo MUCH talk about a UNDER SIZED, #2 WR, STATISTICALLY rated at #10 - LARGELY due to a season ending INJURY to his teams #1 WR !!!

It is THREADS like this that make me WISH, the MOST, that this Organization would get their @#$! together already !!!


He STILL had MORE TD catches THAN the REST of OUR team, DIDN'T he?

100% correct....Flick is a classless puke who showed what he thought of the fans with that stupid little dance....I can understand being upset with the organization but to hope the friends you played with lose every game shows what a piece of garbage Flick really is.....

All he wanted was 99,000 a year, instead we wanted him to cut his salary in half!The roughriders had no problem paying!We turn around and pay armstead 150,000!Flick was the best receiver we had since earl winfield!I would be a little hurt too and having two kids you have to pay the bills!Its a embarassing topic to talk about to the public!
Flick was blue balled by a guy we ended up firing anyway!

Ever heard of Darren Flutie??

Maybe we could trade Richie Williams and Zeke for him.

Yes I have!Someone told me he moved to the states and said he will never play in Canada ever again!He teased us once when he wanted to play with his brother doug and doug ended that very, very fast!I seen Darren at the Hall of Fame Game and he signed a picture for me!If I knew that then I would of asked him then to come back!Not if it matters!

I’m sorry but weedman why would you ever want to get rid of zeke. Considering of his starting season for this team. Him and jujuan armour and tay cody were the big hitters most of the time on the defence. I mean sure dj is good at what he does but…I was not happy about what he did in Hamilton. But he apologized for what he did. He did not say that it was to the fans directly. Even though thats how many people took it. He just doesnt seem like he would care about any other team. I mean what happens if the saskatchewan organization wanted to get someone else with a better record then he has. What would happen then???

Ummm, does Darren not have a right to retire?? IMO, Darren was a class act. He and Danny saved this franchise for a few years there, when they could have taken a sweet deal in Toronto.

Darren always speaks very fondly of this city, if you ever hear him talk. We were very lucky to have him.

Good fan I would never trade Zeke and Richie for DJ. I was just being sarcastic. :wink:

And the problem with that is what exactly?

I thought half the point of this whole football fan thing was to have an irrational love for whoever wears the home team's jersey and an irrational dislike of the guys in all the other jerseys.

I'm a pretty simple "name on the front of the jersey" kinda guy. Flick no longer wears Ticat colours, so I don't care if he catches another pass in his career. If he someday wears Ticat colours again, he'll immediately become one of my fifty favourite players again. Fickle? Fan? What's the difference?

I root against ex-Ticat players when they play against us*
but if they served us well when they played for the Ticats
I will root for them when they are playing against other teams.


especially, if they left for valid reasons.

I more thought him as a support coaching staff, like a reicever coach NOT A PLAYER!I find it a bit funny how he hides behind a desk at cbc when he could help some young kids learn from a legend like him!