DJ Flick

If any of you have not heard yet DJ has had to fly back home for the 2nd time in 2 weeks. His wife delivered pre mature twins (she was due in December). DJ has been through alot in the last 2 weeks between his family being in a major car accident and now this.

So not to say he will see this but my thoughts and prayers are with DJ and his family in this rough time.


Best Wishes to DJ and his family

I hope his twins are doing great. They must look so tiny. About two months premature is a lot so I really do hope they are doing better than great.

Goes to show what kind of comitment DJ has to this team. Yesterday he drove from Pennsilvania, to Hamilton for the game today. Altho overshaddowed by the insane performance of Fantuz, he had a very good game as well.

Still thinking about ya DJ. GREAT GAME!

Who's the moderator of this forum? You can't post anything that's critical of a player's level of maturity?

I am one…and not when it’s on a best wishes thread.

I am the one who moderated the topic.

I agreed with jm02, you were trolling in a topic that was wishing Flick the best during a difficult situation. If you want to talk about DJ Flick the player start a new topic.

DJ Flick, what can you say...comeback player of the year...Tough resilient & highly motivated.

When the Riders announced they traded for him I was not exactly doing cartwheels...I have since changed my opinion.

smokeystover, your post was deleted by me. See roughyfan's explanation and direction above.

Thanks to the mods who cleaned up this thread.

Congratulations DJ Flick on twins. Many sleepless nights to come.

And you are qualified to call into question the maturity of any CFL player because of ????

I'll say it again these forums need an ignore feature so we can simply block out the riff raff