DJ Flick

was is a stupid move on getting rid of dj when he was a good team leader and also a good player did u see him last night against calgary 2 spectacular catches 2 tds and 100+yards he was huge for the riders was it a smart or a stupid move on losing him and also kamau peterson becuz now look at the recieving corp...

Flick remains awesome...

Peterson stunk.

but peterson is better then gardner and curry and he is doing alright for the esks and he is canadian but getting rid of flick was a stupid move…

giving them flick and wayne smith was stupid

i dont think kamau peterson was that great when he played for us

ya he wasnt that great but he was canadian and would have helped our recieving corp this year for sure but they need to get some descent recievers all they got right now is brock ralph

well jason french should play next week and i think thyron anderson is hurt

but hopefully jason french plays well

ive been to the practices and anderson is so overrated he has dropped passes and is not very fast french would be a good Y reciever because he can jump

yea anderson just had that one good season in montreal

other then that season he didnt really have many good seasons


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You are one of my favourite posters. I needed that today. :lol:

Thyron is defiantly overrated, but in French you got a guy who can excel if he is giving the right situation. Over his years playing with the Riders, i witnessed him make many easy catches into drops, but i also seen him stretch out and haul in remarkable grabs.

Wow DJ is gone. Good that he caught a couple TD's but he's a RoughRider now therefore I don't care. a couple nice catches though. Besides no one in Hamilton would have been able to throw the ball that far! Maas' max is about 30 yards and Chang is always trying to reel in the high snap!

With Maas starting DJ would never see A LONG BALL anyway and at his $alary they couldn't afford to keep him!

So DJ Flick runs a sloppy pattern (quite similar to the sloppy patterns he ran in Hamilton) and uses all of his luck to make a great catch and we want him back?

Db’s in this league have his number and he won’t have a game like that again.

LOL one of the biggest part of DJ's game is the fact that he runs good routes. Im not sure how that was a bad route last night, more like good coverage on a post corner.... but whatever, still makes our receivers look like High Schoolers.

Wow was Flick hot last night. Makes one question a lot of changes that Taaffe and the team have made.

Smart move.....for DJ

FYI - Not Taaffe but Marcel's move.

Taaffe telling us we lack a deep threat the other night tells me he wasnt in on this one.