He’s listed as Peterson’s backup for tomorrow’s game…

whats the deal?

is he hurt?

on the plus side, Hill is starting on the other side of the feild, hopefully his speed and height will work wonders for our offense.

I'm pretty sure DJ is hurt. He took a heck of a beating the last 2 games...

Man, he better be close to dead if he's listed behind Peterson.

I hope we use the extra import position with an import RB . I dont want to see Aidoo come into the game as rb if Jesse goes down .

The depth chart is bogus as it shows Holmes and Davis as backups when I believe at least Holmes is not going to even dress .

The depth chart is not bogus. It lists 46 players of which 4 have to sit out, Holmes being one of them. It's really simple folks!!!

It's been pointed out a few times that it would be a mistake to read very much into these depth charts. The players who are listed as starters may not necessarily get the majority of the playing time. For example, in last week's depth chart, David Dixon was listed ahead of Augustin Barrenechea, as you can see if you click here. And correct me if I'm wrong, but I understand Dixon did not play in the majority of the game.

Anyway, I know Peterson played a great game last week, and he may be in at first. But if he starts dropping catchable passes again, that could change.