DJ Flick

OK this may be way off topic. Forgive me. Also I don't mean to insult the TigerCats or anyone for that matter. I just thought this was funny. Yesterday while I was watching the Argo/TiCat game, my sons came to watch briefly, but at different times. Both of them said the same thing: "OMG, is his name ****?!?" I thought it was hilarius, because they both thought they say the same thing - 2 different times. If you took a small piece of black tape and connected the bottom tip of the L and the bottom of the I, it would be a funny joke. FLICK

yeah, I thought that too last season. but let's not forget Gass and Gaylor(d).

I am a Ti-cat fan, and the way things are going we may have to change his name. And others for that fact.