DJ Flick thoughts and prayers

If any of you have not heard yet DJ has had to fly back home for the 2nd time in 2 weeks. His wife delivered pre mature twins (she was due in December). DJ has been through alot in the last 2 weeks between his family being in a major car accident and now this.

So not to say he will see this but my thoughts and prayers are with DJ and his family in this rough time.


I hope everything works out alright for Mr. Flick. Football isn't more important than family and I hope things end up positive for him.

Wow that poor guy I wish all the best and hope everything turns out for him and his family.

I am sure all of us in BB land wish DJ and his family the very best.

I wish all the best for DJ and his family.

All the best to the Flick family. My thoughts are with you.

This uck man... I hope for the best.

DJ is showing true grit this year.

Godspeed to him and his family.

....when horrible events like this sure gives you a real heads-up about life and where your priorities are.....I hope the best for Flick and his family....

He's on the depth chart for tomorrow, and despite reports of his not playing tomorrow, is now rumoured to start...

Thats probably a good sign right?

Sounds like DJ will play today.
More importantly, wife and kids are reportedly doing fine!!