DJ Flick on the Inside

Why, this season, was DJ Flick moved inside to the slot. With his speed, seems his natural position would be outside. Didn't DJ play the outside up until this year or am I mistaken?

Today is the first game in 3 years as a Ticat that DJ has been listed in the slot.

He NEVER plays the slot. Tonight would be his first game.

I guess we'll see more Fowlkes at wide out today then.

regardng the subject of this thread:


Where do the best receivers in the CFL play? SB.

Cahoon, Stegall, Copeland, Geroy.

get flick's stats back up, and get our time of possession back up at the same time.

Isnt Geroy a WR ??

All those guys have something in common that DJ doesnt have . SIZE MATTERS !!!!!

all i'm sayin is he was playing SB in Ottawa and still racking up 900+ yards... sure he got something like 1200 last year or the year before, but i like his skill set better on the inside.

last season flick wanted to move to the outside, marshall let him and put brazzell inside. later on marshall admitted to a few fans at the cats claws barbeque that he should have stuck to his guns and kept flick inside and put brazzell outside maybe brazzell might still be here of course thats another problem

Coach Marshall was quoted in the Spectator, too, saying

he made a mistake promising Chris Brazzell a starting WR spot,
and getting talked out of it by O.C. Jamie Baressi in season.

and where did u get this info from? DJ has been a wideout since he started in Hamilton.

Add Darren Flutie and Flick to this productive position ,all these guys are compact tough and smart recievers!