Dix back on the roster

Dix rejoined the team yesterday. Not sure if he will man the far corner or if Anderson will be moved to corner ?

My guess (and guess is all it is) is that they’d move Parker back out to corner before considering moving Anderson.

C'est une proposition très sensée. Pourtant, de la façon dont les Lions ont défoncé le milieu de notre défensive avec ses passes courtes, j'ai plutôt l'impression que Tibesar va profiter de l'occasion pour ramener Parker au milieu, d'autant plus que Dix n'a pas pratiqué comme demi mais bien comme demi de coin. Nous verrons bien.

True, but you never know how changing someone's position might affect them. Could very well be for the best. Chip Cox, anyone? :wink:

I'm not saying Dix would turn out to be great if he did, not at all, but I think it's worth a shot. If the situation continues to be problematic, then our coach and GM will handle those problems as necessary.

That's what's so confusing
It's not a situation where we're trying out a new player and "we'll see what they can do"
We know what Dix can and can't do
That's why we went out and got Anderson
That's why no one was complaining when he went bye-bye

I hate that kind of attitude:
"Well...he's good enough"
He wasn't good enough last year
The defence got torched by Winnipeg, Saskatchewan, Toronto, Hamilton
Huge yardage given up by a weak secondary...and a lot of it was on Dix

Why the reluctance to try someone new?
Can Woldu or whoever really be worse that what we know we'll get from Dix?
Maybe so...but we'll keep getting it if we don't try

It's confusing

And the one thing people haven't talked about with the loss of Brown is his run-support from his halfback position...Brown has had some amazing instinctual reactions to numerous running plays...making key hits/tackles on crucial downs. Dix anyone?

Defensive backs who can play the CFL game are notoriously difficult to find. Dix get's a shot at the job and the Als get some time to bring in some development players. Something I think they were going to do anyway. I wonder if Browner gets cut if he will be interested in playing with his buddy again ?

The CFL is going to have great difficulty this year in obtaining above above average players in emergency situations. Unless the NFL strike situation gets overcome teams will not have available candidates as we will not have access to the NFL's player cuts. Ordinarily, our coaches have scouted the NFL camps and great " late cuts" filled the rosters of the CFL. The best " late cut" the Als ever signed was Alex Webster who starred for the team in the late 50's. Webster was indeed so good that the NY Giants brought him back to that team where he starred for several years a receiver and running back. Jim Trimble, who coached the TiCats ( 1960's) had NFL ties and, he would regularly obtain these players and built up championship teams in those years. This has been a great resource for the CFL in obtaining quality players.

Now that I could live with
Anderson and Browner in the Alouettes secondary!!!

Besides...Richardson was the only guy in the league he couldn't cover...in that obsessive 1 on 1 they were running....and with Fantuz gone south...he'd be unbeatable.

Good point...and one I hadn't considered
Players are sitting on their hands,...still hoping they'll make the team
If there's even a season
Maybe once it's resolved (either way) some more talent will be forthcoming

J'ai écrit ça, moi?

Pardon LeStaf
Evidamment une petite gaffe!!
Autrement dit:

No, no, I didn't mean to imply you were saying anything, I was referring to what others might think based on what I wrote, since it may have seemed like I was comparing Cox to Dix, who are on completely different levels. Haha, pardon the confusion, I certainly did not intend it to look as though as I were putting words in your mouth. :stuck_out_tongue:

Vous me rassurez! Pendant un instant, j’ai cru que mon Alzheimer commençait trop tôt! :wink:

i really enjoy the als forum here... except it needs a translate button. being from out west, we dont have to learn anyhting other then english. Browner will get cut.... and he will come back to calgary,

Bienvenue dans nos pages, canadianhothead!

Les Stampeders auraient bien eu besoin de Browner lors de leur dernière partie! En fait, plus d'une équipe aurait besoin d'un joureur comme lui. Par contre, pour jouer à Montréal, il devrait devenir beaucoup plus discipliné qu'il ne l'était à Calgary. Cet aspect de son jeu venait ternir le reste de ce qu'il faisait.

Mais est-ce que Browner n'était pas agent libre avant de partir vers la NFL? Si c'est le cas, il pourrait ne pas revenir à Calgary.

ummmm... no?

I enjoy the Als forum also, so with that said; I downloaded Bing bar, it has a translation button among other options included and it works wonders. There is Quality Football info from LeStaf’s posts. :wink:

thanx for the tip! i will look into that. i thought i was the only Canadian wh didnt speak quebec french