Divisional All Stars

East Divison:
QB – Vernon Adams Jr. (MTL)
RB – William Stanback (MTL)
REC – Brandon Banks (HAM)
REC – Bralon Addison (HAM)
REC – Derel Walker (TOR)
REC – Eugene Lewis (MTL)
REC – S.J. Green (TOR)
OT – Chris Van Zeyl (HAM)
OT – Ryker Mathews (HAM)
OG – Brandon Revenberg (HAM)
OG – Nolan MacMillan (OTT)
CEN – Kristian Matte (MTL)

DT – Dylan Wynn (HAM)
DT – Cleyon Laing (TOR)
DE – Ja’Gared Davis (HAM)
DE – John Bowman (MTL)
LB – Simoni Lawrence (HAM)
LB – Henoc Muamba (MTL)
CLB – Patrick Levels (MTL)
CB – Tommie Campbell (MTL)
CB – Delvin Breaux (HAM)
HB – Greg Reid (MTL)
HB – Richard Leonard (HAM)
S – Tunde Adeleke (HAM)

Special Teams:
K – Lirim Hajrullahu (HAM)
P – Richie Leone (OTT)
ST – Frankie Williams (HAM)

West Division:
QB – Cody Fajardo (SSK)
RB – Andrew Harris (WPG)
REC – Bryan Burnham (BC)
REC – Reggie Begelton (CGY)
REC – Shaq Evans (SSK)
REC – Greg Ellingson (EDM)
REC – Eric Rogers (CGY)
OT – Stanley Bryant (WPG)
OT – Derek Dennis (CGY)
OG – Shane Bergman (CGY)
OG – Matt O’Donnell (EDM)
CEN – Dan Clark (SSK)

DT – Almondo Sewell (EDM)
DT – Mike Moore (EDM)
DE – Willie Jefferson (WPG)
DE – Charleston Hughes (SSK)
LB – Solomon Elimimian (SSK)
LB – Larry Dean (EDM)
CLB – Derrick Moncrief (SSK)
CB – Tre Roberson (CGY)
CB – Winston Rose (WPG)
HB – Marcus Sayles (WPG)
HB – DaShaun Amos (CGY)
S – Mike Edem (SSK)

Special Teams:
K – Sergio Castillo (BC)
P – Jon Ryan (SSK)
ST – Mike Miller (WPG)

Looks good. But I don’t like Adams over Evans. Also Frankie should have received a spot on the secondary to go along with his ST award.

Congratulations to the Ti-Cat players that won. :slight_smile:

Breaux can accomplish more in 10 games than most players can in a full season.

I think Breaux is the best in the business but this selection was based on his name this year I think. It should have been Frankie.

They decided on Adams weeks ago.
They’re wrong.

A sentence I never expected to write:

Evans is the best QB in the league this year.


Completely agree, Breaux is there on reputation. Hopefully he will be in top form for the playoffs.



Evans is the best QB in the league, Adams has better stats, played more games.
So not too disappointed.
Hoping Evans will be MVP of the Grey Cup.

X 2. Makes no sense.

Evans may you get the chance to lay a much needed beat-down on Montreal.

Commentators and writers have been pumping Adam’s tires most of the season. Now he’s drawing comparisons to Calvillo, and in one article recently, also to Ray. Always pays to play in the big markets, with real broadcasters and sportswriters, who actually know, talk and write about the CFL.

Commentators have pumped Cato, Pipkin, Dominique Davis, Jennings, etc.

I am shocked to see Breaux getting selected with so few gsmes played. I feel Frankie deserved a CB spot.

I am shocked that Leonard got selected but good for him.
Adeleke deserved it for sure but if Pruneau in Ottawa was healthy all year he may have taken it and Lokombo has been a beast satety for Montreal but has not played safety all year

I would have picked Evans over Adams but that is close one.
Bsnks and Addison are no brainers.
I am a bit surpised by Van Zeyl and glad and surprised by Mathews selection.

Revenburg was a no brainer.
J’Gared Davis and Wynn were expected. I thought Laurent may win on reputation over Laing.

Simoni was an easy choice. Levels over Rico is a bit surpising.
Lirium getting kicker is surprising considering Ward’s reputation.
I expected Frankie to get best special teams player.

I think Simoni, Banks, Revenberg, Wynn, Frankie,
Adeleke are locks to be CFL all-stars.

With Addison and Davis and Lirium are outside chances.
Davis is in tough against Jefferson and Hughes

Adams being selected here is just another shameful farce that regularly pops up in this league year after year.

Adams might have fought a good fight in 2019 but Evans owned his opponents.

Not exactly an all-time injustice, IMO. Adams started more games, threw for more yards, more TDs, and same number of INTs as Evans, and added an extra dimension with his rushing abilities, tying for the league lead in rushing TDs. He plays with some flair, and helped turn a flailing team into a contender.

I think you might have hit upon something ExPat. Maybe most of our complaints against Adams being selected over Evans is that Adams is no longer a Cat, and our guy is. Sour grapes?

I agree with Adams over Evans. By a tiny bit.

Very similar stats with Evans having a much stronger supporting staff IMO.

Thank you! Some Cats fans seem to think that your team is the only one with all-star players. Hamilton led the league in all-star nominations. The idea that there's some conspiracy to deprive Hamilton of recognition is pretty laughable.

Some guy named Manziel too.

15 and 3 records will tend to do that. (Should have been 16 and 2 but for a freakish 20 foot leap by some guy out west related to some other guy out west. The names escape me.).

BTW I am willing to agree that both Adams and Evans deserved the nod at QB - roughly equal stats. As I am a long-time homer, you can probably guess who I lean towards. :wink: