Divisional All-Star teams announced

The Divisional All-Star teams are officially announced,here is the link to the story as well as who made the teams East and West.The Division Breakdowns per team are as followed:Eastern Division-Montreal-11/Hamilton-10/Toronto-6/Ottawa-0
Western Division:Calgary-7/Edmonton-9/Saskatchewan-5/B.C-5/Winnipeg-1. Interesting to note that both 2nd place teams in both divisions had more All-Stars chosen then the 1rst place teams. The 2 last place squads Winnipeg and Ottawa had only 1 player chosen between them,with the expansion RB's having 0 selections.The league wide All-Star team will be announced in Dec. Congrats to all players voted in on a job well done.

[url=http://www.cfl.ca/article/shooting-stars-divisional-all-stars-announced]http://www.cfl.ca/article/shooting-star ... -announced[/url]

Reilly is my fav QB since flutie. In spite of that, I fail to see what he has done that Mitchell hasn't done better?

There is some level of humor in Grisby making the list.

How about 616 rushing yards for Reilly compared to 232 for Mitchell, for starters.

I would have picked Hajrullahu ahead of McCallum but for the most part it is a pretty good list.

yes, that is indeed a good point.

do you really choose a qb based on rushing yards??

Nope, I would choose on a number of factors, overall stats, rushing and passing, performance in the clutch, leadership, looking at how the team did when the QB has not been in the line-up. I guess I would choose the QB based on the total package and looking at the total package, I would take Reilly but then I am just a tad biased.

Have to agree considering he played all of 3 games in the East and got the majority of his stats as a Bomber. Didn't the same thing happen last year though when Hall was traded by the Bombers to the Riders late in the season ? It was also pointed out on the Ti-Cat forum that ironically of the 5 Cats who were named to the team last year that none of them made the team this year (Grant,Gable,Beswick,Wojt,Boudreaux)not surprising considering that Wojt and Gable were injured most of the season and Boudreaux ended up being traded to the Riders. Grant had a pretty good year,but not half as good as Carter or Green of the Als. I'm guessing that the Stamps can't be to happy with the Eskimos getting more selections than them considering they ended up with the best mark in the league at 15-3. What do ya think dePop is 5 from the Riders about right or did you figure maybe more would be voted in ? I'm sure that there will be some debating about certain selections and omissions as there seems to be every year when these teams are announced.

East All-Stars?

Isn’t that an oxymoron this season? :lol: :lol:

The west all-stars can almost be transfered over completely for the league all stars. Shouldn’t be more than 5-6 from the east tops.

I meant more because of his ceremonious release, but yeah

It is interesting to note that there was only one unanimous pick for the divisional all-stars (Adarius Bowman). Although there are others that probably should have been unanimous picks, I have to ask. Who are the supposedly knowledgable selectors, that did not view Solomon Elimimian as being one of the top three linebackers?

Now if they were picking one linebacker, I could see somebody saying that he got alot of those tackles because Adam Bighill was so good that teams ran away from Bighills side, but since they pick 3 linebackers with no reference to where they play, it is not fathomable to me that there was at least one voter that did not pick Elimimian as one of the top 3 linebackers!

Right, because obviously every player in the west, even those on the mediocre teams, are so much better than every player in the east.

Good one.


No, because the best in the west was better than the best in the east this season. Look at the selections and even being generous the east should get at most 5 spots on the league all-star team. All-star is about individuals not every player in the east against every player in.......

if you can't see the hyperbole of your statement you're either deliberately clueless or trolling.

While I agree that The East will probably only get somewhere around 7 players named to the overall, league-wide All Star Team ... there is something worth noting ...

The West gets more voters in the overall process. 1 extra head coach. 1 extra market of FRC member voters.

It'd be interesting to see the breakdown of the 68 voters. We know 9 ... the team HC's. Who are the other 59 & what media outlets do they represent & where etc. There has to be an inherent geographical bias ... simple math says so.

We've already seen "holes" in the process as evidenced by certain "homerism" when it comes to the divisional nominations & Gibson's Finest Most Outstanding selections.

Ie; How does Solomon Elimimian not get a unanimous vote? What bonehead writer thinks there are 3 better LB's in the West? How does Jeff Perrett get selected as Mtl's Top Olineman yet not make the All-Star Team yet his teammate Josh Bourke does?

I recall seeing a few years ago, a writer in the East had selected Marwan Hage as Centre in The East ... He had only played 7 games and hadn't dressed since Labour Day! I also recall this season when CFL reporters were asked to select their All-Star Teams at the mid-point of the season, a reporter not to be named, (cough-Ottawa-cough) selected players in positions that they didn't even play! OT's selected as OG's. DT's as DE's & vice versa.

This is truly not an exact science by any means & I get that. I just wish these ALL of these guys would be professional & do their research & not just look down the ballot & pick names they recognize especially at positions & markets they're not familiar with or cover.

Not to paint all the voting members of the FRC with one broad brush. There are obviously exceptional ones & very good ones but there must be some duds as evidenced by some pf the selections.

I say "put your name on it"! Publish the selections/voting. If they don't do that league wide, then I challenge those to publish their ballots in their specific media outlet columns. I know many already do. I'd just like to see it aggregated.

Nice to see Reilly got the nod. Also curious why Elimimian wasn't unanimous. Oh well.

Reilly is a star for sure. There was some stiff competition for Elimimian no doubt. I would imagine there were at least 3 different people voted on/for (I haven't read).

I think what people are wondering is what 3 LB's in the Western Division are better than Elimimian? Because that's exactly what at least one Western FRC member or Western HC did with their ballot. They had to have put 3 other LB's ahead of Solomon and left him off their ballot completely for Western All-Star. That's what is truly hard to believe.

Bighill belongs for sure. So does McCoil. Peters is worth consideration. So is Wild & Simpson & Mayo. But can you seriously pick 3 of those 6 and not include Elimimian?

Consider that #56 has as almost as many tackles individually than any two of those six combined!

It would be interesting to see a breakdown of just how many votes each player garnered throughout the league,that way we could see who and why a player such as Elimimian wasn't an unanimous selection.We could also see just how many votes a player such as Perrett missed out on and why he wasn't selected to the team.The individual voters don't have to be identified only what the final tally was is all.

^^ I'd be okay with that. Add a little transparency. I'm pretty sure the NBA lists the number of votes.

I figure it’s probably just one idiot who refused to vote for SE because he’s a homer or hates the Lions or something like that. One person doesn’t vote for you, you don’t get that asterisk.

That kind of subjectivity is the reason why they have to make sure that all teams are equally represented among the voters. It’s also the reason why I personally don’t pay much attention to these kinds of awards.