Division Finals TV ratings - outstanding

Well there are no teams in the US so I think the league realizes, despite quite a lot of Americans in the CFL, without a number of teams located there, US ratings would/should be quite low, relatively speaking.

Here is the actual Bell Media Press release on the ratings.


[b]TORONTO (November 21, 2017)[/b]– Sunday’s nail-biting[b]CFL PLAYOFFS[/b]doubleheader were watched by 1.4 million Canadians on TSN and RDS, overnight data from Numeris confirms. The CFL’s[b]Eastern[/b]and[b]Western Finals[/b]grew 19% with total viewers on the two networks over last year, with almost 6 million Canadians watching some or all of the finals. On TSN, the CFL’s[b]Eastern[/b]and[b]Western Finals[/b]saw double digit increases across all key adult demos, with growth in A18-34 (+39%), A18-49 (+27%), and A25-54 (+16%), and both finals matchups ranked in the Top 3 programs of the day on Sunday behind only the AMERICAN MUSIC AWARDS on CTV. The[b]Eastern and Western Finals[/b]delivered strong results in the Toronto/GTA market, with viewing of both games more than doubling (+115%) compared to last year. In Calgary, audiences for both games also grew 31% vs last year, with the[b]Eastern[/b]and[b]Western[/b][b]Finals[/b]ranking as the #1 and #2 programs of the day in the Calgary market. The[b]Eastern Final[/b], featuring Saskatchewan @ Toronto attracted an average audience of 1.5 million as the Argos secured a win with a last-minute touchdown drive, leading to a 25-21 victory over the Saskatchewan Roughriders. In the[b]Western Final,[/b]an average audience of 1.4 million viewers watched as Calgary withstood a valiant fourth-quarter rally from Edmonton to claim a 32-28 victory.

Nice to see fact-backed numbers as usual from TravelPat.

These numbers include RDS, which I would guess to be at 100K per game without the Als playing.

Generally English-Canada ratings are used for comparing ratings. So I'd guess 1.3 and 1.4 M for West and East finals respectively on TSN alone. Not bad relative to prior years. Perhaps the high water mark for the divisional finals would be 1.75 M in 2010.


Tells me that they can go toe to toe with the NFL and should schedule more Sunday games next year.

The holidays for sure, Canada Day, Civic, L.D. Thanksgiving plus opening day and all playoffs could work. Remember the league saideach team will have 3 bi weeks so the schedule willhave the ability to be morestable.League needs to try something newif they want to increase attendance. T and F nights are difficult in larger centers. The TV viewership didn't suffer with the Sunday games and TO had a nice spike so it may be the right move.

Hey i can't personal message you i was wanting to ask you about the other leagues ratings. Can you message me? Is there another site for it or can you send them to me?

Bizarre i can't send you a personal message i didn't know that feature could be removed. Is CFL really that hell bent on us not finding out MLS embarassing ratings?

A twitter handle or somethin. I want to find this stuff out.

Pretty sure his account was deleted after multiple attempts at trolling/posting fake stories.

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2017 Grey Cup TV numbers

Grey Cup ratings see double-digit jump in 2017

The Grey Cup game between the Toronto Argonauts and the Calgary Stampeders, which was played in snowy weather conditions, had an average audience of 4.1 million – up almost 14 per cent over the 2016 contest between Calgary and Ottawa – and similar to the numbers the league saw in 2015.

The numbers duo not include RDS or digital streams from TSN.ca or other sources.


Without any proof, this seems low to me?

I am a little disappointed, too. :frowning:

The number doesn’t seem too bad. The 4.1 million doesn’t include RDS.

Fewer TSN subscribers over the years would hold the number back from any further IMO, though TSN Go figures are not part of that either so curious to read a Bell release on this.

CFL News?

Grey Cup Ratings:
Avg audience for 105th Grey Cup was 4.3 Million viewers, peaking at 5.9 Million average in the 4th QTR.

#CFL #Argos #Calstampeders via @TSN_Sports
2:13 PM - 27 Nov 2017

Why the difference from 4.1 to 4.3?

200k on RDS

CFL News?

13m13 minutes ago
A total of 10.6 million Canadians watched some part of the expansive GREY CUP coverage on TSN and RDS throughout Sunday - @BellMediaPR #CFL #Argos #Calstampeders

A 14% increase is nothing to sneeze at, especially with a 6 million peak, nearly matching 2012's 7 million peak with J. Beiber at halftime. The CFL was up substantially in the regular season too, bucking the trend of lower sports ratings, like the NFL which is down double-digits this year (and 2016 too) and with the Super Bowl down 39% on CTV1/CTV2/TSN12345.

some more info from the CFL site
Fans of the winning team rallied around televisions, with audiences in the Toronto/Hamilton market up +58% on TSN compared to last year’s championship game.
The 105th Grey Cup presented by Shaw finished as the most-watched program of the day, with TSN becoming the most-watched channel in Canada on Sunday.
Additional ratings highlights:

• Livestreaming audiences for the championship game on TSN Digital platforms marked an increase of 22% compared to last year’s Grey Cup
• The magical halftime performance by CTV’s THE LAUNCH mentor Shania Twain during the Shaw Halftime Show attracted an average audience of 4.3 million viewers
• A total of 10.6 million Canadians watched some part of TSN and RDS throughout Sunday
• Nearly 2 million viewers tuned in to TSN’sCountdown to Kickoff pre-game show, and an average audience of 1.9 million viewers stayed to watch TSN’s extensive post-game coverage
The 105th Grey Cup presented by Shaw caps off a successful CFL ON TSN post-season that saw the CFL’s Western and Eastern Semi-Finals become the most-watched divisional semi-final series in three years. As well, the Eastern and Western Finals delivered an average audience of 1.4 million Canadians, growing +19% year-over-year.

Yep, any increase is great news. I think the days of constantly increasing ratings are over, with TSN's subscriber numbers dropping every year.

With all of these breakdowns in demos etc., it reinforces again my belief and others here as well how the CFL playoffs and GC must be on the main network if the league stays with CTV.
Having said that, these numbers reflect a substantial and continuous interest and therefore the same next contract must have a minimal floor of $75M annually.
Especially as there appears a very good chance we will have a 10th team in Halifax and increasing to 5 games per week.
The league will be in another huge bargaining position maybe the best of all times.