Division Finals TV ratings - outstanding

EAST FINAL - 1.6m overall unique viewers with peak avg of 1.3m at 3:30 eastern time.

WEST FINAL - 1.7m overall unique viewers with peak avg of little more than 1.3 at 6:30 eastern time

Average ratings w/ Plus 2 was 986,000 and 1.14m respectively.

AccessMedia is back.

Well if it is Access Media then I'll say welcome back.

A few weeks ago he posted a series of threads under a different user name.

They were all deleted but one of them was about a group that was presenting to the board about an expansion team in Halifax and we would hear about it around the time of Grey Cup and a conditional franchise to be awarded this off season.

We all now know the story that broke last week and in some detail.

So I don't doubt these numbers.

I am very well informed what is going on.

I can also confirm the CFL TV numbers for the semi finals were incorrectly posted.

I told you that the numeris system is flawed and they are not taken seriously by majority of advertisers, agencies, and partners like the NHL and CFL.

Bell distributed the following for the semi finals

EAST SEMI-FINAL - 1.04m avg 1.42m peak avg
WEST SEMI-FINAL - 1.3m avg 1.53m peak avg

I am pleased with the numbers.

How did they compare to last year?

The West final averaged 1.06 million viewers
The East final averaged 903,00

Last year?

Actually the numbers Mirage posts are highly unreliable. All the real experts in the industry know Mirage is a phony, and only trust the numbers they get from their top secret sources.

I have it on good authority that the numbers are :

East Final - 36.7 million (every Canadian saw all of this game. Argos clearly have an incredibly large fanbase)
West Final - 36 699 999 (Jason Maas tuned out at the end, but the rest of the viewers carried over from the East game)

Not funny.

yes those numbers were from last year. That was the released media numbers. I don’t know if they are the actual numbers presented but I know the newer model of ratings are more reliable and they were not in effect for 2016.

Thanks, Mirage. I appreciate it.

according to CFLdb

2016 East final:1.18 million Avg. Viewers

2016 West final:1.05 million Avg. Viewers


I can confirm that these numbers are accurate.

Sully agrees with me! ;D

Makes sense when you consider many people have multiple personalities, ok I'm stretching the word 'many' perhaps ;)and therefore if the one physical body is watching and if they have multiple personalities, then each personality should be counted in the tally. :wink:

Ok I am totally confused by this thread Sully , do you know what the average numbers were for Sundays games ? Was the average 1.3 million for each game as Mirage has kinda in around about way stated ...does this include RDS ? I have seen nothing official from Bell or the league yet, in regard to viewing numbers.

Gee Aerial. I do like your logic. If we go with your reasoning then BC Place should be considered sold out each and every game! Someone has to talk to the attendance statisticians about that.

Finally, ratings are out for the finals and they are very very good ......1.41 million for the east final , 1.34 million for the west , even the pregame garnered 660,000 on TSN ......no mention of any RDS numbers so the numbers will even be bigger once they are added in .


So here's another article on the final ratings , with a little different spin , this time from TSN , it includes the RDS numbers . They seem to average the two games at 1.4 million , then break it down after that . All good though.

How did they do in The States?