Division Finals tv audiences

There was no official release today, but the TSN_PR twitter feed (https://twitter.com/#!/TSN_PR) is reporting that the East Final had an average audience of 1.3 million viewers on #TSN (up 5% compared to last year), and the the West Final had an average audience of 1.8 million viewers on TSN yesterday (down from last year, but last year set a record).

Hehe I wonder why it was down? (Riders… Riders) :lol:


1.8 for the west division final is still a nice number

Without a doubt. :thup:

but why wasn't it 3.0 Billion?
even now, why is this league not reaching out and getting the really big numbers?
nuts to Dropped the ball I say,
just the media in Toronto that is,
i think Mainland China is where Marc Cohon should be reaching out to

too bad he wont listen, too bad the Toronto media wont listen
no one listens, mark my words

:thup: :P :lol:

Almost perfect, except I think you meant to write Toronot....

boys like you and I Pi-Cat get it
everyone else should think like us
not everyone does though and that is so unpatriotic
join us I say and make your feelings known,
in this great mission

It's true, Riders are like in every tv game with the highest numbers.. Doesn't that not surprise you?

While that may be true, always making posts like that make it seem like you are just searching for attention. The Riders the past few years were lucky because of good teams, they benefited from fair weather fans. Now after a bad season don't be surprised if merchandise sales drop drastically and at the start of the year the attendance will take a hit. Unless they come out of the gate hot next year, it could be a long year for the Riders profit wise. Rider have some of the biggest bandwagon fans out of any team I think. When they are winning everyone wants to be a fan, when they have a bad year people don't want to be caught dead wearing Rider gear.

well ya i know. It's evident everywhere.

I would rather that our fans stuck around no matter what.

Very good numbers.

I'm sure a lot of viewers were lost due to the fact the west final wasn't really close.
Anyways, great numbers - as usual.

Any thoughts as to the 99th Grey Cup audience? Strong or soft? Average?

We know the entire province of Manitoba will be watching. Saskatchewan too, hoping they'll lose...or hoping the Bombers AND B.C. fail. :lol: Ratings in BC should be really strong being the host city/province. But I can't see a lot of people in Southern Ontario/Quebec and Maritimes tuning in for this one.

Nickelback? Not sure if that will attract the younger audience or drive them away - probably more the former given their record sales/new CD. Refurbished, state-of-the-art domed stadium can't hurt.

Storylines? Can Bombers break the long streak w/out a Grey Cup? Can B.C. win it on home turf? Doug Brown vs Brent Johnson - the swan song for 2 future Hall Of Fame defensive linemen. :thup:

I’m guessing at 4.9 million viewers…
it was 6 mill last year right?

this season was down but it was also the second most ever last year.
4.9 seems a good guess