Division Finals Sunday TV ratings 2019

Damn! In my rush to get to Tim Hortons Field yesterday I didn’t realize my post commenting on the semi-finals and MLS Cup ratings and my prediction for finals actually must not have posted because of one of those 'warning - somebody else posted messages. Otherwise I would have been pretty close. I had predicted 900,000 for the east and ‘possibly as high as 1.5 million for the west’.

Pretty much nailed the east - but the west even did better than I expected. Good news!

My prediction for the Grey Cup - 4.35 million RDS & TSN combined.

I get that Sask really supports the team but I don’t buy those numbers at all. All the press about the Sask support seems to skew people’s view on things. The Bombers are supported at close to those same levels just not as much hoopla. A change of 500, 000 would mean no Rider fans would watch the Grey Cup if they weren’t in it. Most are still CFL fans. The 1.3 million fans watching the last game were not all from Sask. Not all the 33,000 fans at the stadium were Rider fans. Lots of Bomber fans were scooping up tickets after the forget final because it wasn’t sold out yet.

The Eastern Final did not air on one of the regional channels: either TSN3 or TSN5, I can’t remember.

That no doubt made a difference in EF ratings.

That’s why some of us have been saying for years how at least all of the playoffs and GC should be shown on the main CTV network.
Pretty much adding my guess an extra 500,000 viewers last week and who knows 1M for the GC?

I have to agree with you. Semi-Finals got high numbers and the Riders weren’t even in it

Oh ya for sure Rider Nation is loud and proud. And they by far are the most watched team.
That said Winnipeg is pretty good in their own right. Just overshadowed by the anomaly that is the sask Riders.

Oh ya no Doubt CTV is regular network owned by bell which owns TSN.
Everyone gets CTV while TSN cable channel has drastically cut its coverage.
The CFL negotiates their TV rites thru Bell Entities.
So its something the CFL need to negotiate as A TSN production of the GC on CTV For sure is gona make a signifigant difference in ratings.

I have to think the Riders fanbase were glued to the TV. To see who they play and other underlingvstories.
Like their hatred for Calgary. Lol.

Also. Winnipegs fan base often gets VERY underestimated as they are contstintally compared and overshadowed by their regional rival Riders.

Plus ya dont think the Stamps fans were a big part of that number in the TV Ratings.

So there are multiple reasons that the semis drew big TV Numbers.

A few other things. The Cfl needs to do a better and faster Job of tracking RDS ratings as well as US Tsn partner Espn.
It makes the rakings skewed in a negative way.

2nd. Both Tsn & Espn have really scaled back in a very poor way its CFL game coverage.
For TSN. Its only a 9 team league. Where not that long ago all games where shown nationally for all now alot of games have only been shown alot on only regional networks.
& In the US. Espn not so long ago had Every game on one of there TV Networks. Espn2 & Espn News.
They they scaled back to Online Network ESPN3 which every household that paid for ESPN received all those games streaming live at no cost.
Now ESPN has This ESPN plus thing. Where you need to pay extra to get & where a bunch of CFL games. Are now shown.
Espn owns plenty of Networks like ESPNU.
Sec Network, etc. Where opposed to using their partner TSN feed.
Instead its a bunch of junk reruns of things over & Over & Over.
I mean come on now.

The NFL Network, which is avaible in canada as well as US. Offer to simalcast games as a National network. All the games that TSN/Espn did not show nationally on a nationally available network.
But the NFL Network wanted the move the CFL to move its season up a MONTH. to fill dead programming time in may.
A couple issues i have with that is that a cimpromise culda been made as June & July also need filling. Before training camp starts.

The biggie to me the NFL demands is an Oxy Moron.
As they play the same programing specials Over & Over & Over again even during the regular season.

Plus i would like to know if any other networks have shown interest in broadcasting a package of games on Canada networks.
A lil competition and more than one network having a contract. Is a good thing!

We will likely not see CFL games on CTV(or any ota station for that matter)until one of two things happens.

  1. someone else gets the broadcast rights
  2. Bell buys out ESPN 's share of TSN

And there ya have it.
Thank you for doing the diligence. To answer the question that I had.

No timeline or $$$ figures here. :frowning:

Since they ave exclusive rights to all pre season, regular season and post season games.
It would be nice if they actually televise all of them Nationally.

Yea. Once again the Cfl and Tsn are like a secret black ops mission.
No details.
I dont get it. This should be a huge publically shown announcement.

Since when does 30% tell 70% what to do? ESPN may not want it but they have absolutely no way to stop it. Has to be more to it than ESPNs measly 30%

probably has something to do with witholding branding rights? i cant think of a reason why one third can dictate the policy

Another possibility is Dave Campbell is simply incorrect on this.

not saying this is gospel, but that level of confidence in his statement wont come from nothing. If he is wrong then there is simply no reason for the CFL not to be on CTV