Division Finals Sunday TV ratings 2019

Division Finals Sunday TV ratings 2019:
Edmonton at Hamilton — 898,400
Winnipeg at Saskatchewan — 1,631,900

Average: 1,265,150


What’s the population of Sask. again?

Oh yeah -1.174million.

That leaves 457,000 fans in the rest of the country who watched the Western final as well.

Any idea whether this includes RDS, with likely around $200k viewers?

got to wait for the official release - it will include RDS. this one doesn’t

That’s the largest non Grey Cup number I can remember in many years. Decent number for the East final too, considering it ended in a bit of a rout.

More Sunday games! Those who say play fall games on Saturday are WRONG!

Prediction time … Unless the game is a rout, I’m predicting 4.4M for Grey Cup, including RDS, up 10% from last year. A close game with a great finish will draw 4.8M.

Troll trying to be smart but forgets 33,000 Saskies were in the stadium. You fail at math.

Definitely helped that the Winnipeg/ Sask game was so close between two rivals.

I believe hamilton/Edmonton game had a lot more competition on TV, and game got out of hand.

Grey Cup looks like it will have minimal sports competition. Only 3 Nhl games on Sunday. 2 games around Grey cup including oilers which will start around second half. NBA only a few games, no raptors. Due to later start, CFL misses most of the nfl games, although NFL is full tilt on ctv.
Not quite what the NFL gets as every network waves the white flag, but better than past years.

Oops. Math not the area of my doctorate. And I had to have help with the stats portion too. ?

I may not like the Riders but I am always impressed with their fan support.

But to call me a troll, my friend. FIRST TIME EVER on this or any other board. I AM deeply wounded. ?

At least he didn’t say “you trolls” ;D

Still trying to understand how good numbers on Sunday against the NFL means they wouldn’t have similar or better numbers on Saturday. It makes zero sense.

We still had at least 400-500k watching NFL all day and more watching Sunday night football.

GC got killed last year. Superbowl was up.

Great numbers. Riders definitely help, having the game going down the wire helps more. I doubt RDS would add much to do the numbers but still nearly 30% up from last year.

not shaping up to be a big grey cup viewership :S

Look at all the games that were played on Saturday this year. Ratings were poor at best, not better than any other day.

K I’m gonna apologize and take back the troll comment. But, teachable moment … When there is good CFL news like these TV ratings, don’t crap on it. Elevate it.

A lesson in courtesy from someone calling themselves “Siders_still_ruck”.

Oh the irony.

Playoffs vs reg season not a fair comparison.

I still believe there’s a bunch of NFL fans that would tune in on a Saturday. I know a bunch of them.

This one is really hard for me. If its an away game I prefer Sunday. Home game and I’m all over Saturday.

Why can’t all game days and times suit me?

Seriously, there has to be a way to research this and come up with what’s best for an oft struggling league.

May I seek to enlighten you on one point? Perhaps you are misreading me. I was not seeking to denigrate the numbers but rather point out in an outlandish manner the inevitable rise in numbers when the Riders play. That was picked up in a following comment.

We had 2 different intents in our postings, my friend. You were happy and wanted to celebrate the raw numbers, I sought a more detailed analysis of them in order to understand the results and meshed that with a somewhat sophomoric attempt at humour.

And you undoubtedly don’t appreciate my sense of humour… which puts you in excellent company around here. ?

NFL may get high numbers as well but a lot of those fans watching those NFL games are CFL fans.
I love football, so i’ll watch the NFL, American college, Canadian Uni…Go Dinos!!! and of course the CFL, and i’m sure i’m not alone.

If Saskatchewan was playing, instead of Winnipeg, I believe that the TV ratings would he greater by no less than 300,000 and as much as 500,000.

The Riders are the most watched team, whether in regular season or playoffs; same when they play on the roads, the crowds are always greater than with any other team.