Division All-Stars released - few surprises

Hunt and Mitchell deserve recognition as best inside defensive line duo in league. These all-star picks are for indivduals and not teams. No correlation between team performance and number of stars. When a team in #1 in both talent and momentum, BC is hard to beat.

You contradict yourself, first you say they should be recognized as a duo, then you say it is an individual award. These two were carried by Eliminian. The only thing Hunt leads the league in is crying.

If you feel that Khalif Mitchell is undeserving, then you haven't been watching him closely. He's been a beast in the middle. He's been getting such a good push and collapsing the pocket all year, sometimes it's like the linemen are on roller skates. He may not even be in our league next year.

And lest you think I am a homer, I probably wouldn't have given Reid the all-star selection at center as I don't feel our run blocking has been up to par.

Thanks for that, I haven't notice Mitchel but haven't really been watching him either. I tend to think, the D-Line is benefitting from playing beside the player I personally think should be the MOP in the CFL, Solomon Elimimian. IMHO Elimimian should have been the Lions nominee, not Lulay. That's another rant entirely which I earlier made a comment on in a CFL awards post.

My negative feelings toward Hunts off field rantings tends to leave me with a more critical view of his play as well.

I'm still not sure how Ian Logan was the all star safety. I think Craig Butler deserved the nod over him, especially considering he accomplished more in less games.