Division All-Stars released - few surprises

QB Anthony Calvillo MTL
QB Travis Lulay BC

RB Cory Boyd TOR
RB Brandon Whitaker MTL

RB Jon Cornish CGY
RB Jerome Messam EDM

R Terrence Edwards WPG
R S.J. Green MTL
R Jamel Richardson MTL
R Chris Williams HAM

R Weston Dressler SSK
R Nik Lewis CGY
R Geroy Simon BC
R Fred Stamps EDM

T Josh Bourke MTL
T Glenn January WPG
G Scott Flory MTL
G Scott Flory MTL
G Brendon LaBatte WPG
C Dominic Picard TOR

T Ben Archibald BC
T Jovan Olafioye BC
G Dimitri Tsoumpas CGY
G Greg Wojt EDM
C Angus Reid BC

DT Doug Brown WPG
DT Kevin Huntley TOR
DT Khalif Mitchell BC

DT Aaron Hunt BC
DT Khalif Mitchell BC

DE Justin Hickman HAM
DE Odell Willis WPG

DE Marcus Howard EDM
DE Keron Williams BC

LB Chip Cox MTL
LB Jamall Johnson HAM
LB Rey Williams HAM

LB Rod Davis EDM
LB Solomon Elimimian BC
LB Jerrell Freeman SSK

CB Byron Parker TOR
CB Jovon Johnson WPG

CB Dante Marsh BC
CB Rod Williams EDM

DB Johnathan Hefney WPG
DB Lin-J Shell TOR

DB Korey Banks BC
DB Keon Raymond CGY

S Ian Logan WPG

S Craig Butler SSK

K Justin Medlock HAM

K Paul McCallum BC

P Noel Prefontaine TOR

P Burke Dales CGY

ST Chad Owens TOR

ST Larry Taylor CGY

:o That is one huge mess. :lol: Link: [url=http://www.cfl.ca/article/2011-east-west-division-all-stars-announced]http://www.cfl.ca/article/2011-east-wes ... -announced[/url]

Edit: Looks like you fixed some of the formatting issues. Cool. :thup:

Nice to see some Eskimos on the list. Who would've thought that Lulay would be this year's Western All-Star QB? How things have changed...

It's weird, looking at that list that is almost my exact same people I voted for! There were a few guys I voted for every once in a while, but those are almost all of the guys I voted for the most. I was pretty certain about the west for who would get most of the nods, but the east I don't know quite as well, but still almost nailed it! :rockin:

ya I honestly didn't expect to see Weston Dressler or Craig Butler either

I was going to say Adarius Bowman

but huh

Dressler is one of the best receivers in this league, cracked the 1000 yard on a team that struggled all year. Bowman was but above average all year until the last game where he showed he can play against the worst teams second stringers. Yes he had more yards then Dressler, but Dressler was defiantly the better player IMO. And Butler as a rookie had one hell of a season once he got the starting job, 5 picks, 47 tackles and a sack without starting in every game. I think they both deserve it.

Are we talking about the same guy? I won't say Bowman deserved to be an All-Star, but he was better than average. The last game wasn't his only good game. He had games with 81, 92, 103, 116, 132, 133, and 226 yards. I'd say he was a solid receiver for the Esks. Probably second behind Stamps.

I didn't say he was average, I said he was above average. I would also say he was probably 3rd on the team when everyone was healthy, behind Stamps and Barnes. Is he good, yes. Did he deserve to be an all-star, IMO no. Like I said, without that 200+ yard game against the worst teams second stringers, he would have barely broke 1000 yards on the year. And if I remember correctly, he still had a few drops, but every receiver does!

I'm just saying I think every player who made the all-star teams this year were deserving, and I don't think that there are surprises to this IMO.

Bowman only played in 14 games and managed to put up 1153 yards. Dressler played all 18 and recorded 1061 yards. I'm not saying Dressler doesn't deserve it, but Bowman had a really good year and it's too bad it wasn't fully recognized. And for the record, Bowman only needed 73 yards in the last game to break the 1000-yard mark (so it wasn't "barely" making it).

How the hell is John Bowman not on this list? He finished third in sacks, ahead of Howard and Williams, and was even effective in the last third of the season despite playing with a cast on one hand.

To start with Howard and Williams are in the West, for Bowman to get a nod he would have to beat out Willis and Hickman. also he may have finished third in sacks but he did little else, he doesn't even register in tackles.

How in the blue hell did the Argos get seven All Stars? You'd think with that much elite-level talent, they'd have been better than 6-12.

Thank you!

Someone tell me how Charleston Hughes didn’t make the All-Star game.

Keron Williams 43 tkl 11 sacks 1 forced fumble

Marcus Howard 18 tkl 11 sacks

Hughes 40 tkl 6 special team tkls 7 sacks 1interception 138 defensive yards 2 forced fumbles and a td. Not to mention at least 6 pass deflections.

I challenge anyone to find a DE with stats like this. You may find some with more sacks or tackles but none with all around stats that are better.

:cowboy: Roll STAMPS!!

Bowman also missed 4 full games due to injury. Yet still managed to finish 4th in receiving yardage. And he led the league in average yards per catch (18.6 yards per catch), over guys like Richardson, Lewis, Green, etc. (Dressler only had 13.4 yards per catch.) Bowman's blocking on running plays was second to none amongst Esks receivers this season as well. He definitely was not just "above average", but based on this season, I'd say he was amongst the top 6 or 7 guys in the league.

Just as I stated with the arguement that Cornish should get more consideration because he missed games as a starter, missed games are a non-issue. No consideration should be given to what would or could have been if players were in the line-up but weren't. It is a moot point.

Howard put up those stats in only 13 games! Almost averaging a sack a game, which is pretty incredible for someone who just came into the league.

The All-Star team has been announced. Only two Eskimos. :frowning:

http://www.tsn.ca/cfl/story/?id=380590 (Scroll down)

TiCats only got half as many as the Eskies!

About right I would say. Any suggestion of who should be there that isn't?

Nine Lions picked, i guess Eskimo's might as well not show up for the game.

Most of the Lions picks were well deserved with the exception of Mitchel and Hunt. I am not sure what Mitchel did to deserve an all-star nod and they must have picked Hunt for being the biggest crybaby in the league.