Division All-Stars announced

I'm not putting them here, it's on the site.

good choices!

Riders deserved the choices they got!

so did the Stamps and Lions, Esks.

I'm surprised the Lions got so many more than the Esks, to be honest.

But good job on the Defense!

You could've at least posted a link for easy access. :wink:

[url=http://www.cfl.ca/article/2009-east-west-division-all-stars]http://www.cfl.ca/article/2009-east-wes ... -all-stars[/url]

Personally, I think it's funny that Durant is the West's All-Star QB... :lol: I also think it's a shame that Arkee Whitlock wasn't nominated... but perhaps his push was came too late. I'd definitely take him over Mallett.

Edit: Forgot to mention: It's nice to see Fred Stamps in there.

...why wouldn't Fred be in there?, the guy is a great receiver...burned my team more than once...

Sadly, he was our only consistent receiver… Peterson kind of dropped off, Mann got injured… Nowacki’s never really done much… Man, I miss having Kelly Campbell…

My only quibble is with the linebackers.

In the secondary, they don't select 5 DBs; they pick 2 CBs, 2 HBs, and one safety. And that is as it should be, the skill sets required at those 3 positions are different.

So they should do the same at linebacker. The skill set required for a MLB is different from either outside LB. Yet they just picked 3 LBs for East and West, and as it ends up all 6 of them are OLBs, and that just isn't right it seems to me.

About the only one I'd strongly disagree with is Browner.

Have you ever sent Arkee an official apology?
I personally believe Arkee will be the better back long term--I think he is special--, but they both ooze potential. But Mallet has been more consistent and deserves the nod.

Darian has had a really good year. Ricky Ray and Henry Burris have at times this year been terrible. And nobody in BC can stay out of the infirmary long enough. It isn't that much of a surprise

I'm 100% with you on this one, MJ. Why not name a RB at receiver?

Montreal 17 nominations. A league record :smiley:

Whitlock definately desrves the no over Mallett, Whitlock leads Mallett in every category; rushing yards, receiving yards, kickoffs and touchdowns. Should be a no brainer.

No comments on Eastern All-stars yet, until now.

Agree with all of them. Wish Hamilton could have had more then 4, but who else would you pick? I guess it’s more of a solid unit then individual players. Although Khari Long could have made it, he came on too late in the season.

No Toronto players? No one could have thrown them a bone? But who would you put there? Moreno is solid, but there’s better LBs in the east. Robertson’s a star, but again, there’s better RBs in the East.

Montreal though. WOW!

I'm surprised Durant got the nod, he may have had a better 2nd half of the season than Burris and Ray, but I think overall Ray had quite a bit better numbers, his team just isn't as good overall (which I don't think should factor in at all). They must be holding Whitlocks 5 fumbles to Mallett's 2 against him. The rest of the picks seem alright.

You are surprised that Durant got the nod at QB?

Imagine how terminator feels. . . he's probably apopletic. . .

Ray did have some games this year that were way below par for performance. isn't exactly his best year.

I don't really agree with Tad being in there, there are better LB's out there, not saying he didn't play awesome at LB this year, I just think that there were a few better ones in the west, and this is coming from a rider fan

I just noticed on that link that have Anton Mckenzie still listed as a Rider and Lance Frazier apparently plays for the Eskimos :wink:

I've already admitted several times that I was wrong about this kid. I look forward to seeing him and McCarty tear through teams next season (Lumsden who?).

I disagree that Mallett has been more consistent. Just look at the last 9 games for each player. Only once did Whitlock rush for fewer than 71 yards. Only once! He had a four game stretch where he averaged 88 yards/game, and he had three 100-yard games in his last four games. Plus he had 8 TDs and only 1 fumble.

Then you look at Mallett's last 9 games. In five of those, he rushed for 69 yards or less. And he only had 4 TDs and a fumble. So how has he been more consistent?

Fact is, aside from that one 200-yard game, he hasn't done much. The guy's an average running back at best. The nod should've gone to Whitlock.

I am not so sure. Whitlock showed some real problems in some games. The game in Montreal he directly cost the Eskimos any chance in that game. I dont remember Mallet costing his team a game. Also teams will defend the pass first against Ray while they would focus on the run against the Lions. While it is close. I'd vote for Mallet.

OK, first off, that Montreal game was his FIRST game in the league, and it happened all the way back in WEEK TWO!!! Living in the past or what? :wink:

Second, Edmonton hasn't had a solid running game in years, so for us to finally develop one, and with a rookie, that's pretty impressive.

The Only 2 questions in my opinion are Mallet over Whitlock and Durant over Ray. Ricky lead the west in completion % the league in yards and a much better Td to Interception ratio than Durant don't get me wrong Durant is a good QB but this season Ray was and is Better. As was stated Whitlock leads Mallet in all categories.