Diversity is Strength!

Hey, good on the CFL and the Commish for actually putting this program in action. Anyone can wear a t-shirt, post a tweet, make a statement, etc... it takes real guts to show that diversity matters and let it show in your hiring practices.

On that note, thanks CFL for hiring so many "differently sighted" referees and replay officials this year. #DiversityisStrength!


Thanks, Espo. Helps me stomach the slogan.

I'm a precisionist in certain matters. The slogan is nonsensical. In some situations diversity may supply strength and in others it may cause a failure.

On a rugby squad you want big fast brawny people.You don't want old fat men like me. For my team of brain surgeons I prefer people who have good steady hands and the appropriate medical knowledge. Need I go on?

However, for refs and command centre individuals it makes perfect sense. That way we can make appropriate allowances.