Ditch the onfield ads

The Commonwealth field looked trashy tonight with all those ads. It reminded me how beautiful BC Place looks with no ads on the field.

I know the League needs revenue, but ads on the field looks sick. I’m okay with the ribbons on the sidelines. Soccer made them mainstream. Go CFL.

Yeah and ditch the Thursday games. I’m looking for when the games are on and there half over already, the weekend isn;t even here yet, this is crappy.

Yea. The secret CFL still claims its a butts in the seats league needed for revenue. Than you see a zillion adds all over the field.
So im baffled. In that sponsors splattered all over the field arent paying enuff for such.....

Two Thur night games is ridiculous for sure.
I dont mind a Thur night game in the summer.
But after Labor Day. The Thur games should end.
Friday & Sat games only.
It also really doesnt give a team a short week

I'm sure if you wrote a bigger cheque than all those sponsors, you could have your way.

The Argos put ads on the field digitally for the home audience. I don't know how much more that costs them to do or if they lose money from sponsors as the eyes in the stadium are not on those ads?

As for the Thursday game(s) if you look at the schedule they do stop after Labour Day. Been like that for quite some time.

I don’t mind the ones where it is just white writing on the green turf. The big coloured blocks are a bit much.

My issue with ads is the sideline and endzone ads. They need to move them further away from the playing field. At one time, they seemed to be soft folding signs, now many of them have digital hard components to them.

They should have one national field sponsor ( with digital ) and one local field sponsor which has the rights to the stadium and that’s it for the field of play .

The splattering of the field is too much and they can get more money with less .

If one looks at other leagues that are having less people in seats but are taking in more revenue ; it’s the rights deals that are leading the way to making leagues like MLB to more revenue .

The official bug spray , soft drink , etc etc is what moves the revenue .

The CFL has tapped in a little with some good sponsors like Redtag for example but are leaving money on the table with the resources like the field ads that should make money both for TSN ( or whoever owns the rights for that game ) and the CFL that is redistributed to all 9 and hopefully 10 soon .

All good ideas. Corporate Sponsors are money makers for pro sports everywhere in every sport.
So watever it takes to get those $$$$ Do it.

I like the idea of a MAJOR Sponsor(s) for the CFL. It would have to be some big Bucks of course. But it would be a good way for some league revenue sharing.

On field ads if done sparingly and tactfully are ok. Hopefully the league can get bigger name sponsors so there don’t have to be so many.

More importantly, the league should get an edge on other North American leagues and ditch in game commercial breaks… this is what kills pace and fails to keep the attention of young people.

Don't you mean, "Just Do It?"

Sound ideas, but I'm afraid we're caught in a swallowing vortex, similar to one that is going to bankrupt NASCAR in the next few years.

It's hard to lure major sponsors when attendance and viewership across the board are on the wane. Kind of a cart-and-horse scenario. To entice big advertisers, you need big crowds (either at the venue or on TV), not the other way around.

I'm smart enough to recognize the problem, just not smart enough to offer a solution. It's such a moving target. I think Mr. Ambrosie IS smart enough, and is on the right track with CFL 2.0, but it might not be enough. And I am clueless as to how to get Canadians excited about their own game and league.

Agreed. The more eyes on games the more. Corporate sponsors will pay.

I have seen this done. With less commercial Breaks & commercial sponsors on screen. During short breaks while. Staying live with the game.
It was one thing the AAF did with commercials.
Commercials in corner of screen. While stay live camera on the field.
One of those things these fly by nite leagues experiment with.
That league was doomed from the get go. But a decent idea to try.

The AAF had plenty of other things going against it.

Basically every sports entertainment product outside North America broadcasts commercial free during the event itself (save for half time or other regular pauses) and does so with a sound business case.


Other than soccer, what other sport goes commercial free?

Rugby and Aussie football are two that immediately come to mind

Rugby Union, Rugby League, Formula 1 (as broadcast internationally not on TSN), Aussie Rules Football, Gaelic Football, Handball, Volleyball etc… not sure about cricket.

Sports that lend themselves to commercial breaks usually go commercial free in Europe on state broadcasters like martial arts or skiing.