Dissention Everywhere !!!!

8) Anyone who watched that fiasco last night and can't see that this team is riddled with dissention, must be wearing blinders !!! PaoPao is ordered down from the press box for the second half and he stands 10 ft away from Lancaster without a word being spoken between them. Just their facial expressions and body language tells the whole story.

This lack of communication and dissention is obviously seen by the players, and judging by their performance they have all but given up !! They certinly don't have any faith in this coaching staff at all. Many of these players are just as much to blame as the coaches !! No effort, no pride no hope anymore, this season is lost !! Not only will this entire coaching staff be gone at seasons end, so will several so called, star players. A complete house cleaning is the only answer to rememdy this team.
I actually feel sorry for Bob, he has been hoodwinked as badly as the fans have been here. Just listening to Lancasters comments after the game on the radio prove all these facts are true !!!! This is a complete embarrasment and humiliation for all TiCat fans. This team will be hard pressed to win another game this season. Another so called promising season completely down the drain again !!!!!!!!!!!

This I agree with ..
I Feel bad for Bob Young...

Well said! :thup:

The sad thing is that its obvious that Ron doesnt have the authority to fire his assistants.

I feel sorry for him in all this. He does whatever the team wants him to do...

  • Resign
  • Be GM
  • Be advisor
  • Be coach again

Not a peep, only professionalism and class.

whattttt the heck ticats suck

Well Said My Friend Well Said

Ron is too old for all the crap he is taking..
This man is Class
Hard Working
a Gentlemen
a Leader of Men..

Who is Being HandCuff by Upper Mangentment

I don't Blame Ron at all..

Great Point!

"Interim" Head Coach is a band aid and everyone knows it.

He graciously took over as the Head Coach when no one else in their right mind would have accepted the offer. Who would want to inherit this circus?