dissecting the draft

Your right the media sometimes over embelishes the fact there were more Quebec born players then Saskatchewan players . But we all know about the media in the prairies.

Here's a useless little fact.

Since the turn of the century, which Canadian college has had the most players drafted by the CFL ?

Hint: last years champs, according to Randy Turner of the Wpg Free Press anyway.

There is nothing misleading about that article (which is actually surprising given it is from Mitchell Blair).
No one disputes the resurgence of football in Quebec. Many excellent players are coming from that province. But 10 prospects from a province with seven times the population of Saskatchewan is nothing to crow about. Per capita, having 6 of 48 draftees from Saskatchewan is pretty darned impressive.And having 5 of them schooled at home is awesome. Per capita, Quebec barely carried its own weight...

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I echo Arius' comments having watched Quebec players picked more and more every year. Only I prefer to think that 6 out of 48 draftees is nothing special, its just the norm. And thats why Saskatchewan is still on top. In a side note, Leboldus and Riffel High School's in Regina have had more players drafted than the whole province of New Brunswick in the last 15 years.


You could try wrapping your head around it. Being a CFL fan might be a lot easier when you do. Its not going to change my friend.


Quebec does produce some great football players, and Saskatchewans football programs are on the rise. I am saddened, here in ontario, soccer is becoming more popular

Hey euro football is big time man. I can only wish in Regina.


There are amateur soccer games to watch in Regina if you are really that interested.

It may not be pro, but it's a start. Support the minors, if you expect the pros to show up.

Don't panic, Mitchell did manage to misspell "Husky".